3 bugs: chat, vendroids and dungeons

  • When we press ENTER to see the chat, the game freezes, which causes us to lose the dungeons multiple times, we even hardly talk anymore in the game for fear that we will have to restart the game and it will take us out of the dungeon after being 15 minutes or more doing it.

  • It is also happening that the robots in the store are full and it is not possible to sell them more or they disappear from the map and to be able to see them again it is necessary to restart the game in its entirety.

  • another that is happening is when we press E to enter the dungeon and it stays loading for about 1 minute or more causing the game to break and make us an immediate disconnection.


Added some information about the frozen character bug.
It usually happens when you take a portal (either to enter a dungeon, teleport, etc) or when you connect and just use the chat. When a little time passes, I haven’t seen the character freeze.

A note about the chat: when you press enter, the last message does not appear, but it appears a little higher and you have to scroll to see the last.

Oh, and it’s a bummer that chat is cleared every time you enter/exit dungeons etc as important messages are sometimes deleted

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