4 Post-Patch Bugs (HOTFIX?)

(1) Client-Side Player Invisibility

When a player enters/exits a dungeon, very often the player model becomes either completely or partially invisible. Additionally, there is a chance that other players appear that way to you as well.

This generally does not persist once you re-enter/exit a dungeon.

This bug appears to be client-side, as most of the time other players do not encounter the same issue at the same time.

(2) Quantum Fixer Rend Ability Partially Broken

At a very high frequency, Rend fails to work (including no sound effect), yet goes on cooldown.
(May be related to #3?)

(3) FPS/Performance Issues

I have a brand new computer with a 3060 GPU and have had 0 problems pre-patch running the game with regard to FPS, etc. Post-patch larger fights in dungeons cause noticeable drops in FPS. The performance downgrade is not terrible but it is noticeable and was not there before.
Maybe its due to the presence of too many encrypted items on the ground? new water? Not sure.

(4) Aiming Indicators for Abilities Obscured by Water Updates

I assume this is not intentional:

When fighting in water, SOME ability indicators do not rest on top of the water where you can see them (e.g. instant revive). Instead they sink to the ground underwater where it is very difficult for the player to use them to properly aim abilities.


Thank you for detailing these post patch bugs!

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2 is likely related to: