50 rank I hope the developers see this

I would like the developers to reward people who have played a lot of the game and who are committed to the project, for example, I am Jade and I play 15-18 hours a day and I am rank 52. I like the project a very really cool game. but there are people who came in for the sake of money and play very little, or even loot NFT more expensive than their pass and left the game…

bonjour, je ne pense pas qu’il récompenseront qui que ce soit Je suis de l’or et j’ai tous perdu, j’ai passé plus de 500 heures et la seule récompense offerte est 3 passes rubis pour les amis rien pour moi, donc tous ceux qui ont perdu oui doivent être compensés et non pas avec 3 passes J’avais 75 objets uniques dont 30 arathors ensemble complet foxy 10 montre de poche légendaire épique de niveau 5 et 6 donc pour récompenser d’abord c ceux qui ont perdu un laissez-passer de 5 000 $ et qui ont perdu leur temps et leur argent

hello i don’t think he will reward anyone
I am gold and I have all lost I have spent more than 500 hours and the only reward offered is 3 ruby ​​passes for friends nothing for me so everyone who has lost yes must be compensated not with 3 passes
I had 75 unique objects including 30 arathors complete set foxy 10 pocketwatch legendary epic tier 5 and 6
so to reward first c those who have lost a $5000 pass and who have wasted their time and their money
Sorry for the french lol

2nd warning on the negativity. This is Pre Alpha Early Access and bugs are going to happen. I’m personally surprised we haven’t seen more wipes, at this point. There’s a good chance we’re going to see a wipe at the start of Ruby, so let’s refrain from getting too bent out of shape?