A couple of thoughts regarding Big Time's Growth

There are 2 strategies I believe would help immensely with Big Time’s growth. Sponsor some of the top streamers on twitch to play for 2-3 days at launch and having a hyper realistic animated trailer. I mean real cinema quality, that attracts curiosity into the world of Big Time. Both pretty expensive but let’s assume it’s feasible. That’s the entire post summed up. The rest is me going over the reasoning.

First and foremost, DON’T promote in game NFTs as NFTs. Let it come to the players naturally as skins, space, etc. Honestly the entire industry needs to pull away from calling items NFTs and instead label them after what they’re utilized for. At mass adoption your average user doesn’t care about backend technology and that’s exactly what the acronym NFT stands for, a clump of data that lives on the blockchain. Ok but that doesn’t tell me what I own. It’s a cosmetic skin, so call it that. It’s SPACE so call it that. Same with title, armor, and any other items I don’t know about. Seeing “NFT Looted” in dungeons feels good to me but could have adverse effects on a web2 gaming crowd.

Got a bit sidetracked there but here’s why I think sponsoring top tier streamers and producing a short cinematic will do Big Time good.

Apex Legends was dead silent until launch when they paid to be at the top of twitch. Twenty-four hours later they had 2M players and a month later they had 50M. Can’t expect those numbers because BT is PC only but coming out of the first thirty days with 2M+ downloads would be a win in my book. They took a different approach to launching a game and it worked because they had a good game. Y’all have a good game. It’s not the fast-paced PVP that Apex is but it feels good progressing through while in a MMORPG. Apex paid to be in the spotlight, and I think Big Time should too.

Dr. Disrespect is a known streamer who even has a project of his own. I’m no fanboy but kicking the tires on a collaboration with him could be worth a shot. Other than that, I don’t know the reception popular streamers will have but I know money talks. I don’t have to tell you how to pitch to streamers but try not to push the NFT word too much. When I speak to family and friends about Big Time I leave out the NFT part and explain how it is a game with a player owned economy from loot dropped throughout the game. Then answer whatever questions come afterwards. You can pitch Big Time without using the word NFT at all because it is in fact a game.

With only PVE gameplay and as an RPG, showcasing lore is probably the most important driving factor to attracting new players. As a player I need a reason to want your stuff. Through lore you can show the value of the world you’re building. In my opinion there is no better way to showcase your world than through a super realistic animated cinematic. Everything so far has been gameplay footage, which looks ok but is missing a certain depth. Like the story doesn’t feel real enough.

Puts on directors’ hat

-Scene starts black

-Narrator reads first paragraph from your medium article “The Story of Big Time” it’s perfect the only thing I would add is a line about only having 1 star left.

-After “Time is dying” line, the camera pans over destructive scenes being described

-Merlin portals Einstein, Franklin, and other professors from their timelines to Time’s End.

-Show the “evil forces” mobilizing and wandering into various different timelines

-Einstein grants us pocketwatches after arriving in Times End.

-We venture out and you show class abilities here. Flashiest skills work best

-Chronomancer traps tank bug during mid attack in time bubble then casts arcane storm and blizzard.

-Shadowblade runs toward Cyber Pirate places explosive trap, go invisible, then ninja leaps behind and destroys with backstab

-Time Warrior roars stunning enemies then uses war hammer finishing with the combo that ends in huge front flip crushing underling

-Quantum Fixer Instant revives teammate then hit them with heal beam. Place all gates run through and join the fight

-Return to time machine with spoils.

-Follow avatar through space with clockies forging on the left and Time Wardens refilling hourglass on right. (Other stuff I don’t know too; the point is to show space features)

-Reach the end where your thrown lies.

-You sit and camera pans out showing entire collection and production happening in your space estate.

That’s pretty much it. It may be generic, but I basically wanted to hit three points in the cinematic. What’s going on in the world, glimpse of class skills, and teases of what space has to offer. If you made it this far, then I appreciate the read because it took a while.

Shoutout to Open Loot, I hope the new games add value to Big Time assets as well.

Much love


I agree with this a lot! Great feedback.

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Great ideas. Glad you took the time to write them down!


Agree with each n every idea.
The team should replace the “NFT Looted” with “Cosmetic Looted/ Space NFT Looted”.


Agree with all the points, we need paid streamers to put out words. Also, started seeing BT ads over most of the social media platforms which I believe is too early. That money must be routed towards streamers instead.


If they dont fix and bring the fundamentals up core gameplay wise this game will fail to achieve what it wants to achieve.

Gameplay is slow paced, there is some sort of huge input lag, action is subpar, even damage numbers dont bring excitement, the level design of dungeons are utterly bad ( at least the few i managed to play because i couldnt continue ), the bosses are acting like normal mobs and encounters are generally uninspired to say the least, the hits seems to NOT registered properly theres some sort of delay from animation to hit to see dmg, the game IS NOT as light as it seems for older computers and the overall UI needs a serious remake.

In my honest opinon and as someone who follows this game since early days, beta tester is many other games, if they dont focus on fundamentals and core gameplay and release the game as it is now, we are done. SPACE or NOT , NFT drops or NOT.


I hear you and some points are valid but it’s still pre-alpha. They know there’s room for improvement and that’s why the forum is here so we can have input on what we’d like to see and experience.

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I think spending money for marketing is extremely great tool but ONLY if your product is ready for that. I mean all those thousands of potential gamers when they see this pre-alpha version you think theyll want to stay and play ?

Actually promoting and marketing game now might HURT more than do any good because if a gamer sees a game and dislike it rarely will come back to check again after few months or even years. Will always have in his/her mind the first impressions and thats it.


Totally agree, it’ll hurt those players cause of current gameplay and they won’t stick around till global launch.

Promoting game is not bad decision but need to stick at the right platforms to do so which is already in progress like twitch, collab AMA’s, youtube promotion and so on.