A few issues on shops/vendors

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Problem you’re trying to solve

  1. shops overlap ,the middle ones are hardly reachable
  2. often there are multiple instances of same shop, and other types of shops are missing.
  3. shop resets while interacting by players

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
current feel: frustrating, annoying
should feel: pleasant

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

  1. deploy shops with enough space between each other, to ensure the middle ones are easily reachable
  2. ensure that if multiple shops are to be deployed at same time, they are of different types, e.g. decryptor, fragment trader, weapon vendroid etc.
  3. when reset shops that are being interacted by players, just hide them from other players until everyone is off the shop, then reset


Totally agree Autumnwind. This has been an issue for too long. On top of what you already said, I don’t see the need for shops that sell random potions. When I want to buy a potion and spend gold, I don’ want to go around checking all the vendors to try and find the potion I want to buy for sale. All vendors should sell all potions. The price they sell them can be different, so you can “shop” for the best deal if you want.

Sometimes I want to buy a Group Portal potion and no vendors in water town sell them. Sometimes I need them to keep playing with my group, and then I have to change servers and go hunt for them on different servers while my group waits. Please address the issues Autumnwind has brought up as well as adding all potions for sale to all vendors.

According to both of them, just yesterday I went to look for summoning potions and there weren’t any vendors.
Multiple sellers are also annoying