A few minor suggestions that would make major improvements to the gameplay

Problem you’re trying to solve

  1. Make the watches swappable so you don’t have to start over again at level zero when you acquire a better watch. This would only be allowed for the same timeline watch swaps. (So, you wouldn’t be able to change a level 30 Shadowblade into a level 30 Time Warrior, for example.)

  2. Make the ‘summon party’ potions cheaper.

  3. Or, make a ‘summon party’ potion that’s FREE to use outside of dungeons. Then when you’re inside the dungeons, you’ll still have to use them from your inventory.

It can be really difficult and frustrating when you’re trying to get 6 people in the same place to start a dungeon and no one has teleports. When you added the death tax, you inadvertently made it much harder to acquire and keep summon potions. This makes the game more clunky. Teleporting is a vital aspect of the game. It shouldn’t be hindered in any way.

Thanks for your time.


Agreed, the early game is currently punishing to new players. One solution would to be to remove death penalty and encrypted items for players under level 10 so they can get into the game and enjoy learning the skills, equipping items, grouping with other players, buying potions to make life easier etc. After level 10 all those things are acceptable to help keep gold rare and desirable.



Yes please on the summon party potion for outside a dungeon. We really need to group up when searching for a dungeon and using summon potions outside of a dungeon, in the open world is wasteful.

I guess chrnomancer has this ability built into their kit… but it would be nice if we could all summon party members outside of a dungeon to a location in the open world.

Also 1000% agree with the pocket watches. As long as there can be a way to transfer lvl between same timeline, perhaps with the trade of gold or in game currency for people that would rather give up gold or currency to transfer levels that would be amazing. For some, they may choose to level up manually, but others would prefer to keep their time and use in game assets that would help bolster the in game economy to transfer lvls from one pocket watch to another of the same timeline.


Thanks for the feedback. Some info:

  1. The team is ideating on ways to reclaim some of the experience put into a class pocketwatch that you are upgrading. The benefit in the meantime is that they can pickup and hold bigger bags to store all of your phat loots

2/3) Mages have summon allies with 180 second cool down. You will be picking up summon potions in dungeons, and although prices will vary, I’m seeing them for 1k gold on vendors. Also, in the not so distant future you’ll be able to travel by waypoint.

The dev team is ideating on the death tax / what objectives you can run into at lower levels. More on that soon.