A Few Questions

Just a few questions about Big Time. Trying to stay as up to date as I possibly can.

I thought the game was suppose to launch end of year, but I saw someone on this forums say it’s launching in August?

Could someone fill me in on the armoury, forges and time wardens? What exactly is a time warden and how do you use it? Any idea on what resources will be needed to create armoury and forges?

Thank you for your time everyone,

we dont know about the public launch unless if its an official source.
you can get hourglasses from time wardens which you can place on your space. with hourglasses you can get bigtime tokens.
forge is where your upgrade the rarity of your weapons and armory is i think where you upgrade the rarity of your armors. but still not that info has been shared.


They aim for midsummer :slight_smile: but it might be late summer, in case they are not done. Im confident they are so smart, that they wont release an half finished product, as this will be the difference between being a huge succes or failure. And yes there is still alot of issue in the game, which needs to be taken care of.

But i think they are working really hard to solve these issues.

Devs used to say official launch was around Summer.

But it has changed to “Later this year”

Now they changed to “No date”

The game is still in Pre-Alpha. There is not much time till Summer. I think even later this year will be difficult to launch the game.

There are so many issues, also hasn’t done BETA stage.

If they release it this summer the game will be fail.
Even if this game is better than other blockchain games, web2 people doesn’t care about it. They will just compare with WoW, FF11, and Diablo like normal retail games.

When web2 people find out the game is not fun, they won’t play it anymore. Roadmap doesn’t matter to them.

Making game takes longtime. Also postpone is Normal. If it’s not ready they should not release the game.

I think the game will be postponed again to next year……:joy: