A list with my thoughts

I am a passionate gamer with powerfull background in Diablo 2+3, Dota + Dota2, Path of exile, Warcraft, Red Alert, StarCraft, AOE, New World, Rust, Wow, and many others.

From my experience I would suggest the following improvements (by their urgencies):

  1. Party system (I want to find my friends and invite them in party very easy)
  2. Servers lag (we are few now, immagine when will be public)
  3. Game Crush - from time to time I get crush and game get freezed or force quit (windows 11 latest version)
  4. Map gaps - there are many spots in the map where I can get down under it and get stucked there
  5. Character skills & points set - an example can be the intelligence on time warrior (usually tanks have strenght and vitality, no intelligence needed) - (Diablo 2 its a great refference for this)
  6. The attack should be smoother, doesn’t feel ‘natural’ - New World game is a great refference
  7. More items, unique items, set items, rare items, legendary items etc - (Diablo 2 its a great refference for this)
  8. More maps - quests, events, etc

These being said, the game has a great design and I like it.
Remember: People loves to see regular updates.

Thank you


Second list of thoughts:

  1. Adding attributes to NFT’s like: dmg, str, dex, etc
  2. Integrate set items: when I get a complete set weared, I get a special aura on my character that reflects I have a full set on me. (visual effect)
  3. A town stash. A place where I can put my stuff and can be accessed from anywhere by me. Also can have a system to share a part of my stash with my friends for shring items.
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Third list of thoughts:

  1. Adding socketable items & special gems that add power to your items
  2. Adding gems combinations: Gem Y + Gem X + Gem W = A list of super powers to you gear (and this specific list of gains will apply just in this formula of gems on a specific socketed item)
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Fourth list of thoughts:

  1. Adding charms - little items that are not wearable but you can keep them in your inventory and when you do that, you get % magic find (for example) and those can be stacked, like if you have 10 charms with 5% Magic Find each, you will have 50% more magic find.
  2. Charms - should be variable not just with magic find but also with attack rating, adding damage, avoid damage, etc
  3. Charms - can be small, large or big → depending on this, your space will be limited to certain number of these in your inventory.
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Fifth list of thoughts: writing

Wonderful list, great work Stefan!


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Hello again, long time no see but I wanted to enjoy the game more before I releave my list again:
We are here: Fifth list of thoughts

  1. Would be nice to have the option to add a friend and send them invite to party from everywhere.
  2. Would be nice to have more details about NFT’s in marketplace. Ex: 1 hand, 2 hand weapon, etc.
  3. Would be nice a trade system in the game.
  4. Would be nice to send / drop / trade gold as well.
  5. I should be able to sell PocketWatch (avoiding all people drops to the ground and make lag)
  6. Would be nice a potions shop with all the potions like speed, teleport, etc, not to “hunt them” or to clarify where I can find them.
  7. I think would be better if you separate shops a little more. Like the distance between them to be much more avoiding 30 players in the same spot - avoiding lag. (optional I guess)
  8. Dungeons: I don’t like I have to “hunt” dungeons. I think would be nice to have two types of dungeons: Standard & Advanced. The standard ones (perfect for experience / gold, etc) to be in a fixed spots, and from time to time to spaws advanced ones (so they can be hunted by advanced players and they of course give better drops than standard ones).
  • I can add here something else: What if you can make players to SPAWN on their own the dungeons ? I need a secret recipe from secret ingredients and I can open a secret portal. (interesting)
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6th list:

  1. Reseting my pocketwatch progress mechanic can be changed to not loose your progress
  2. Possibility to open the map and navigate it
  3. Ability to upgrade my pocketwatch somehow (tiers)
  4. API for developers to access the marketplace and the game (character)
  5. Ladder & Non Ladder - the ladder should reset from time to time and start over
  6. Ability to see my character from website (my account)

So, to help consume this, I need you to attempt to format it as required, even if you’re making a list.

Here’s the problem I’m trying to solve
Here’s some ideas I had about it

Here’s the problem I’m trying to solve
Here’s some ideas I had about it

Here’s the problem I’m trying to solve
Here’s some ideas I had about it

Ideas are great, but everyone has them. To keep them in a format we can process, I need you to do a little more work to give us the context we need.

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