A phone app for inventory

hello to all I think that a phone application to be able to manage your inventory would be great so as not to waste time in the inventory during game time
and be able to put it away in time

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Cool idea… Really liked a similar execution of that in Destiny2 where they have that mobile app.
Definitely will help to save valuable time, hopefully devs will see it

A phone ap for mareketplace purcheses would be a welcome experience as well.

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I think this would be an amazing idea maybe a Big Time marketplace app on all app stores to where u can see the market the token (when its out) the cost for the token , your inventory, buy and sell stuff on the go that would be amazing good suggestion @Jjat

great idea would be soo cool to be able to vendor in load screens or while waiting for party, equip nfts, change build while not near computer, talk to player, so much potential for added value