A Suggestion for the forums, and one for in game :)

so here i am, watching grey play some bigtime on stream like a pro and browsing the forums while i await my ruby pass. Then it hits me, i want to see my cool ass Cosmetics on the forums. Is there a way integrate my forum account to my in game character or my market account so i can set say 1-5 of my coolest nfts i dropped as a badge on the forums, so when i make one of these posts in the future everyone knows how cool i am? I BEG.

also, as i have not had the chance to play as yet(hopefully soon i can). This is just a shot in the dark, but it may be a sweet addition cater a little more to the solo players. im hoping for the ability to socket a second pocket watch into an “offhand” or secondary pocket watch slot, that although it wont be used, you can still level a second watch on the side, maybe with a reduced xp gain rate. And maybe switch between them with maybe a 1-minute cooldown, hell even 3 minutes. just to make life a little more bearable to switch skills and progress as a solo player, and when in a group, you cannot switch between them, but it still gains exp :slight_smile:

that’s just my 2 cents, even though im scottish, and we use £ and pence, i hope to see this game get as big as my main game path of exile. That was the inspiration for the secondary pocket watch suggestion(they have a secondary weapon swap hotkey) :slight_smile:

have a great day
yours sincerely

theres a lot of ppl who still have scholarships, so ppl can play now :slight_smile: i know one in my guild has like 3 silver passes. But most ppl want to play as scholar to earn money, and with the droprates in jade, most is quitting again. So if you just love to play the game, there is deff possibilities to do so :slight_smile: as ruby has been delayed.

why post this here? if you dont minnd me asking? any thoughts on the suggestions i made? or just mumbling ? :stuck_out_tongue:

So glad you are excited to play the game make sure to explore the guilds that are currently set up helping players integrate into the game I know when I started with BYG they had on alpha’s release at least 4-5 groups going at a time grinding hard so make sure to join a guild to make it easier on yourself to find a group. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I am and have you will get in eventually don’t worry! :smiley:
With that said I think a system in place to level up an alternative pocket watch at the same time as your main one would be a interesting feature to the game and like you said maybe a hotkey to switch to the alt watch to promote smooth transition game play. I really like this idea they have the switch Mechanic in the game already with the switch weapons so kind of like that.
I also was talking about the pocket watches in another thread about how maybe they should add a (XP) Transfer robot in game to transfer a % of your Xp to your new pocket watch with Gold as a gold sink and maybe an alternative option using the In game token (SAND?). In the game you find a lot of watches and they have a Varity of tiers the higher the tier the better for the most part. Well when you put in 2-3 weeks leveling with your friends and get a better watch and restart at level 1 again it makes it really hard to play with those friends if they didn’t receive a better one or have an alt but it also removes all that hard work the player put into leveling that pocket watch. but these were just a few thoughts I had about the subject I hope you get to play soon keep up the amazing engagement with the community always an amazing thing when a game has passionate players like you!! :smiley:


Totally agree with you on that, being able to use one or even better a combinaison of our cosmetics as profile picture would be super nice.

I’am convinced the team will come up with a nice solution for that

From my side that’s what I would love to see :

  • Having a PHP generator within bigtime.gg website
  • The generator let you pick one or various NFT you own
  • The generator gives you a unique code ( ie: f4p) which could also be part of the PFP or URL to share with others, so they can see you in with all your equipped NFTs in 3D visualizer.
  • in the same way as gravatar is doing, if you change image ( in Big time : you sell or equip another NFT ) your PFP change automatically to all the connected website & app

Interesting idea, currently with the draw back of changing watches in game leaves one open to getting killed easily… they’d need to modify the health/energy depletion to make it a worth while feature otherwise just open your inventory and switch your watch the normal way.

I don’t think the reduced xp gain for a secondary watch is a good idea either, where’s the fun in that? I understand lots of people won’t have the time to level up multiple characters and this could help fix that but grinding up levels in a class is how you learn to play a class IMO.

I like your idea on an XP transfer bot so you don’t have to relevel and better watch when you find one!

I’d be willing to use the in game token to do so, based off of how many levels your swapping over, it’ll be interesting to see the full game and how they structure the leveling compared to EA

Agreed I appreciate that I try I just really enjoy the game and I know this game will be amazing so I want to try my best to help it grow and improve. As for the tokens being used for transferring XP I would 100% use my tokens if I was like level 40-50 on a pocket watch and then got a new one hopefully they consider this because it would be an amazing use for the token.

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100% should be a way to transfer XP to a new pocket watch of the same class using the Big Time Token. It can be expensive, and would give the token a ton of value and utility. Early stages maybe not a big deal to restart a new pocket watch, but let’s say you have 1 month of work in a T5 Rare, would you ever want to wipe that for a better pocket watch?

Also, it seems to reward the people who come into the game later, being able to start fresh on a higher tier pocket watch, when it’s the people who started early that should be rewarded. This XP transfer system using tokens solves everything and is fair for everyone.