A Time Collision Linked to Our Real World

I think about Big Time randomly throughout the day and this came to me while I was watching South Park. The reason they have survived the test of time is because they are able to stay relevant by covering real world material. I know that’s a tv show but real-life content can be repurposed to fit inside a video game. Fortnite has done a great job in incorporating brands and events inside of their game. A place where players can connect with our current timeline introduces a ton of new and interesting content.

We’re at the end of time meaning we’ve already passed 2023 so logically speaking we should be able to go back. In this world brands could host events or issue their own cosmetic nfts to be worn or displayed inside our SPACE. Partnerships are key but worth it if offering 2.5% of the 5% marketplace fee.

Everybody wins.

Big Time gets more content and additional exposure from all the different brands and their audience. In return they get 2.5% of their nft sales in the marketplace as well as exposure to Big Time’s player base.

I think BT can do something similar to Fortnite and South Park by using IRL content. It literally writes itself, just repurpose it for Big Time.

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That will dilute the market don’t like that idea. However if exalted space owners can produce Ingame cosmetics and make their own design it would be great to have companies with us. Companies get exposure when selling unique cosmetics with their brand (made in exalted space that they have to buy), no dillution and also more demand for exalted space.

I dont expect companies to play the game and loot necessary items for crafting, so in this case everything needed for “branding design” in exalted spaces should be availabe at marketplace (from players looting and crafting). Another win for Bigtimers…All above just an idea, we will see what happens in 1-2 years

I don’t see the dilution. All nfts sold by the brands would be specific to that brand. Other nfts still hold their value. And companies won’t need to craft items, they just sell or find another distribution method. Sounds like you just want increased benefits for exalted holders. I care more about keeping the game relevant for the long run. There’s going to come a time where people start to lose interest in the story. When that happens, it’ll be nice to have real life content to keep people interested.

*"I don’t see the dilution. All nfts sold by the brands would be specific to that brand. Other nfts still hold their value. " -nope, if someone buys a single branded nft (not made from existing pool) instead of the ones made by players, the market gets dilluted, simple math…

If player X buys a Branded NFT not made from existing pool for Y USD. Player X now has Y dollars less to spend on NFT’s crafted by players, which more or less means dilluting the market. Well lets end the math lessn here…Tnx and bye

so basically you’re saying someone spending money on one nft will stop them from buying another nft because they have less money now? In actuality people will buy whatever nfts they like the most, regardless of how much they spent already. If they want it, they’ll get it and it’s as simple as that. It’s not just math but psychology too