Abilities Balancing/ Evolutionary Abilities

Problem you’re trying to solve

There is a disturbance in the Force. Some of the abilities in the game seem over powered early on; or perhaps the enemies are killed too easily on higher level dungeons by the abilities. There is also an absence of climactic ascendant events, such as cinematic cutscenes for upgrades (as introduced by a guild mate of mine). Not really a problem but rather an enhancement that can be made to Bigtime. The ability upgrades might seem bland in comparison to what they could be…

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

Bigtime is a good fun game but could use improvements, and I am sure the team is already working on them. What I am about to propose is of epic proportions which could bring the baddest of assness to Bigtime. People from all walks will congregate at the gates of WaterTown to marvel at Bigtime’s splendor. The community speaks and we declare that Bigtime will be a game that all other games rival for centuries to come.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

I am proposing EVOLUTIONARY ABILITIES, abilities that change and evolve as you upgrade them. For instance, take the TIME BUBBLE; the TB could start out in it’s early stages as a single shot that effects only one enemy. After 2 or 3 upgrades to the TB it would have a cinematic upgrade event where it now is a shot like a shotgun blast that effects any enemy in it’s range. At 5-6 points in this TB would now evolve in another cinematic event to a cannon that would increase the range and distance of enemies effected by the TB blast. Next at levels 8-9 there would be another cinematic upgrade where the TB explodes like an EMP or bomb blast that effects everything in an immediate radius. Lastly the TB would top out at an impressive nuclear display that freezes every enemy on the map for a time. With every use of the TB the hero could pull out weapon or device that actuates it swiftly. So you get the visual effects from it but not so much that it slows the use of it during game play.

This idea could apply for all or some abilities. The Fire Sub Tree could be another EVOLUTIONARY ABILITY. The Fire Sub Tree could evolve as follows:

-Minor Fire Ball
-Fire Ball
-Fire Blast
-Fan of Flames

So instead of these all being single abilities now they evolve with that cinematic event with every upgrade to bring excitement and reward to it’s event.



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We have determined that the stats we are getting on low level items (+42 intelligence on a level 36 tier 4 item for example) are making players scale in power much faster than the enemies. This is causing everything in the game to be super easy as soon as we hit level 20 and start stacking those high stat items. This is because skills power is based on stats not player level.

I will make a post on this after the rank requirements patch goes in. Unfortunately that won’t solve this issue, because as soon as we can wear tier 3 or 4 stuff, we will be able to stack stats and our skills get so strong that nothing in the game is a challenge.

Easy fix is to reduce the stats we get from items/pocket watches so we scale equally to the mobs. This is a testing/balancing thing that has to come from players. So hopefully we can get in there and test this when they get to it.

The main focus of this post is to introduce the idea of evolutionary abilities that I believe would be rewarding and exciting. Of course, the issue of damage balance also needs to be addressed.

Yeah sorry I jumped on that. Love the idea of evolutionary abilities!

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While it is nice that Blazo is taking time to go through improperly formatted posts, if you want your feedback to be heard, you want to follow the format.

Be concise and specific about what problem you are trying to solve. Break out multiple problems into multiple sections with the same headers to answer.

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I believe I did follow the format, the idea is to balance abilities with evolutionary traits. Perhaps the idea of cinematics needs it’s own post. I suppose I could also leave out the humor and stick to a strict no bs post. Multi-faceted sentences that carry more than one idea seem to get lost in translation or divided, as I see.

I do agree with Blazo about the stats balancing needing some kind of attention, as we have had discussion on this topic already. I was more specifically focusing on the abilities such as the time bubble & the fire sub trees (and others) with the evolutionary capabilities. Yes, the skills and abilities go hand in hand as the stats increase the damage of the abilities also. I am distinguishing the stats balancing and the abilities balancing into 2 branches of the same tree.

I hope the evolutionary abilities is an idea that Bigtime can explore, as I do believe it would be a great addition to the game. The gamers want a well established game that is solid; we don’t want quick fixes. I will try to have more concise points in the future. Thanks Buck


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