Ability Bar not showing abilities that I have points into

hey all,

Having little issue regarding the ability bar, wondering if anyone could help with. So i have been level pretty hard and switching gears in my pocket watch to fit playstyle try new things and such, but with that I think I broke my ability bar because now when I re-spec into new skills or even out of old ones they don’t either appear on my ability bar or leave my ability bar appropriately. With that even some of my pocket watch abilities that i had aren’t showing up on my ability bar in particular sit and rest.

A couple things I’ve tried to do to fix this issue:

  1. re-specing totally
  2. re-specing and taking taking all the gears off
  3. loggin in and out again before and after re-specing
  4. repairing the client
  5. uninstalling the client and re-installing
  6. removing the pocket watch that i have all gears equip too - this one was interesting because i actually couldn’t remove the pocket watch - I also had an issue where I couldn’t swap timelines even though I had another one there (separate issue, but could be related)
  7. re-specing and going into a dungeon to reset

Here are some pictures to help out. Apologies in advance for the skill tree, I know its bad I was just trying some stuff lol:


Any help is appreciated,


It seems you are experiencing a bug.
In your INVENTORY, there is an ABILITIES tab next to ITEMS. You can right click the abilities to remove them, and drag the right ones to your bar.

I am sorry you are experiencing issues, @mrmedstwitch If you look at @Slackov Screen shot you can see when you press tab and enter your inventory there is a option to select ABILITIES this is where you can click and drag any ability you have allocated points into, too your preferred key bind I hope this helps with the Issues you were having and I hope you are enjoying the game other wise I know I am having some Big Time Fun!!! :smiley: