Accidentally destroying pocket watch with items equipped

Good day!

Another thing I noticed is that when we destroy pocket watches, the items, bags and equipment connected to that pocket watch go along with it.

I have already mentioned this issue on discord and I’m just posting this issue here for all EAL players and Big Time team to see.

Hopefully there will be a “recover items” features just like in World Of Warcraft.

Anyway, I lost really good gear but damn… for a pre alpha game I’m having a lot of fun!

Keep it up Big Time! There are a lot of people complaining (and rightfully so as they do deserve the compensation) but I truly believe that your team will be able to resolve ongoing issues.

Good luck guys!

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Appreciate the reply! yes will do! this is the first time that I’m really being actively involved in a project. hopefully my insights will have a positive impact.

Thank you so much once again!

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