Account bug for 10 days

hello to all I have a big problem on my account my account has been blocked for 10 days I have lost all my inventory I cannot party without a bug I cannot change my pocketwatch and big time’s answer is that it happens and he offers me 3 rubies pass
I can no longer play with my account which costs me money and he offers me to let my friends play I just want to recover my account with my 4 pocketwatches
customer service not competent he tells me to continue to progress when it is impossible for me 10 days that I explain to them so bigtime wake up

I understand you are frustrated, but please don’t resort to insulting any Big Time team members. That isn’t going to help anyone.

Unfortunately, under certain conditions, non-NFT items were being lost, including pocket watches. We believe we fixed this, but the data was lost.

Anytime you have an issue, please email or post here.

Head of Community
Big Time

hello buck
for 2 months I am an active member of the game I love this game my gold has been blocked for 15 days and I cannot play
suddenly I activated a 2nd pass a jade to be able to continue
but 8 days without response between the passes the binance postcard and the space I invested more than 25000$ in big time so understand that I am frustrated

Good morning all
small addition that I noticed following the bug of losing inventory and the impossibility of connecting
if you have lost gear which is my case
when I reset but skill and my skills point to the crystal my skill points total is not correct
example picture
quantum lvl 22 stat item 44
skill point 18
the skill point should be 22
the points disappeared with the gears
it may be that that bugs the calculations
hoping to find a quick solution
thank you

hello 23 days that my bug account
the past 4 days I can no longer enter any server impossible to play
I changed server and no I have no problem with my connection
I agree to be wiped but it has been blocked for almost 1 month now
so raise this problem because I send tickets every day and never any solution
I want to be positive but the c is long

Hey Jjat. Make sure you make different posts for each bug you are reporting so we can address/review each one separately.

I see three issues in this thread:

  1. You lost pocketwatches - This has been resolved for Ruby + we’re going to wipe all data for Ruby
  2. You had skill point bugs with Quantum Fixer - This has been resolved for Ruby
  3. You are having problems logging into all servers?

If you haven’t already, please email