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Account/character progression seems repetitive and doesn’t feel rewarding

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Given the current rank requirement for pocketwatches (PW) we are all starting with one that doesn’t really meet our standards in terms of stats.
And as most of us know, leveling up a trash PW feels like a waste of time and XP.
As we progress into the game, we will most likely loot a better PW but changing into it will bring you back to level 0.
This is an MMO and I think everyone can agree that we grind MMOs to continually get stronger by getting better equipment and improving stats, not going back to level 0 repeatedly.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Implement a system to transfer XP from an old/used/leveled PW to a new one.

One way I see it can be done is by sacrificing the old/used/leveled PW to level-up new PW.
Old/used/leveled PW of the same class can be burned to transfer a portion (for example 80%, which can also depend on the rarity and tier of the new PW) of its XP to the new PW.
The sacrificed PW will be permanently deleted from the player’s inventory.

The XP tax on the sacrifice will disincentivize frequently sacrificing your main PW because doing so will result in a much much lower level.

The benefit is a smoother account/character progression. This will also make grinding feel more rewarding since you are constantly getting stronger/better without needing to go back to level 0.


Yes, this should have been done before the rank requirement update in my opinion. Forcing people to start over and over from scratch is the opposite of fun.

I know they have been thinking about this issue, I just don’t see the problem with a simple XP transfer vendor for pocket watches of the same class. Put the old pocket watch in left socket, put new pocket watch in right socket. Transfer EXP at a loss (20% loss?), could cost gold/tokens in full release.


I also think that it is not fun and we lose a part of ourselves to start all over again. From this, on a moral level, I don’t want to play everything with 0. It seems to me that people are faced with a choice.
1 : Get over yourself and start all over again.
2: Is it easy to score a game and not play!
I think that there is a % of people who chose such an option as (2)


2 : Or stop playing the game. because morale is no longer fighting

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Totally agree with this post. So many ideas that were previously shared were completely ignored. And, i can’t agree with Blazo more, after repeated AMA’s of big time’s priority to make the game “fun”, this patch is the opposite of fun, more like a punishment. Most agree that Ruby is essential on onboarding more people into the bigtime space, the information given was there but evdently wasn’t clear or for most, there wasn’t ample time given to prepare for such a major update.

And just looking at the discord mayhem, instead of being supportive, helful and empathetic, we have a few rather well informed groups and individuals telling people to move on, don’t whine, mocking people’s low IQ … i mean what is this?

It’s not the first time such poor communications has angered the players since gold pass. I strongly urge bigtime look into getting people who not only care about the game but people who care about people.


This is so true. Instead of making the dungeons and enemies harder, they are making the players suffer with restrictions that doesn’t make sense every hot fix. This just takes the fun away from the game honestly. We didn’t even have time to fix or prepare our characters because the announcement was posted an hour before the patch (Somebody’s gotta be defensive about this lol). Imagine, my previous PW is a Mythic Tier 5 and now I can’t wear any of it because i needed to my rank to be at least 46? That’s just a waste honestly.

A lot of your players have jobs and things to do outside big time and don’t have time to watch streams or back read discord chat. Is it really that hard to make an official announcement days before the patch?!

This is actually true, a group of certain people keeps being dismissive, hateful and arrogant towards people who just voice out their VALID frustrations and criticisms towards the game. They act like we can’t complain and that we should just sit back like wth? We have invested not just time but also money on this game, the least we can do is criticize the game if there’s a need to and praise it if it does a good job.

We all want this game to succeed since it started out as a fun experience and now, not so much…


hello bigtime i have new idea about game .

first time you plsy game pocket (Tier 0 ) or someting .
when you play LV 30 (Tier 0 ) total EXP 500K EXP.

if you want to chang pocket (Tier 1 or someting) or job .
you can burn exp pocket (Tier 0 )LV30 go to pocket (Tier 1) ,
and you chang exp from pocket (Tier 0 ) lv 30 To to pocket (Tier 1)
down lv from exp to pocket (Tier 1) LV 25 down LV.

Becuse (Tier 1) max EXP Lv more (Tier 0 ).

If you should be use pocket (Tier 0 ) To pocket (Tier 4 )
can down lv more (Tier 0 )LV30 To chang LV (Tier 4 ) LV 10.

** if you Burn pocket (Tier 0 ) you can not come back to play (Tier 0)**

I think about game for fair for player.

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yeah alot of post are completely ignored. even though they said that we should post our problems/ideas here for the game, but they don’t even check it, or either do it. please devs fix the game, the game is losing alot of players now for not being fun and so repetitive.


100% completely true

It feels like there may be a lack of experience with MMORPGs. Blood on every hit making it look like we are low health no matter what our health bar is at, this is a prime example of something that shouldn’t have been done.


I would be game for burning old pocket watches of the same class to recover some XP to immediately level up a new one. It helps clear up inventory space since opened pocket watches need to be in your main inventory to be accessible.

I understand that making the higher tier PWs harder to access is good for game longevity, but I haven’t seen a T1 and T2 PW, usually the lowest I’ve seen dropped is T3, and they’re usually found in the Wasteland levels. There don’t seem to be any pocket watches in dungeons that are below Level 20. Having more drops of T1 and T2 watches which should logically exist will make it easier to rank up and level up to get the higher tier watches. The bonus stats, and even bonus skills that some PWs have are super helpful, especially when considering even pocket watch gears now have level requirements.

I bet many players are stuck in a rut after the “hot fix” because they didn’t play much with their starter pocket watches and waited for the higher tier ones to be dropped by others. I played until Level 12 before I picked up another pocket watch from joining a party in Wasteland dungeons.
It also doesn’t seem fair to those who did put in the effort to actually grind from the start and get new pocket watches themselves only to lose access to them now if they haven’t sufficiently ranked up.

Another thing that doesn’t entirely make sense is the level requirement for equipment, which can be a real chore. Imagine going through the trouble of ranking up to at least 20+ or 30+ to have a T3 or T4 watch, only for you to start with beginner items, which you’ve most likely sold or dropped in your progression. Then you can only carry over the items from your lower tier timeline to your newer one once the levels equalize. Sure, higher tier pocket watches make it easier to level up, but it also helps when some of the equipment, especially rings, amulets, belts and weapons, can be equipped sooner.

I whined about the update, but after thinking about it, yes it is necessary and good to make the game last longer and take longer to play through. However, the implementation could have been way better, and I think the character level having to be the same or higher than the equipment should be done away with, save maybe for the pocket watch gears if you don’t want to make things too easy. This at least enables players to have a more decent experience just using the attacks from their weapons and skills that they have access to.

Hope the team behind the project listens to the community voicing out their frustrations and giving out their suggestions.


I agree with this. It seems like it gets worse and worse every patch. No solid direction or anything. Resets are normal for this stage and we know that, but it seems like every reset or patch they make it harder for the players to use items and pocket watches just because we beat the game easily. Why not Instead of making it hard for the players, they should make the mobs and bosses harder to beat. Also imagine, you spend the most time outside the boss room and then when you finally reach it, it takes your team to beat the boss for 2 mins or less which i think should be the hardest one to do. It just takes away the fun and excitement. This just seems like an experimental game to me. I hope that before they implement any updates, they themselves at least try it before it goes live.

Also, wth is with the bleeding effect? Every single hit it feels like your dying already lol it’s distracting honestly.


Very good idea, it is good that it is complicated and slow to upload, but starting from scratch every time you get a new pocket, adding a possible reset for a new patch, makes many players get tired of the game.
I want to bring friends to the game and I’m waiting because I don’t want them to leave him disappointed in less than a week of play.


I have friends too that already quit.
And I’m not inviting them back unless major problems are fixed.

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Thats so true. Its always that one guilds members(wont say their name) as a moderator there i dont like them either

And agree with yall,great ideas.


Cough Joystick KingP cough


even the official bigtime mods don’t say such demeaning words. In fact, i’ve interacted with a couple of them and they are very friendly, and i can understand sometimes they might not have all the answers when we need them most, but they try their best and never ever sound mean.


I’m one of the big time mods and i do try my best to be friendly and i try to answer everyones questions.