Acquiring XP depending on different tier watch

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5 Tier watch Lv. 9
3 Tier watch lv. 0 start (expected XP penalty since one of the party members were lv. 32 fixer)

5 Tier watch became Lv. 13
3 Tier watch became Lv. 13 + 10%

Curious to know if this is intended or not

And what you want us to know about it?
Can you explain more instead of star, finish, result

What I am trying to say is the player who is lower tier with the lower level gets XP much faster than the higher tier with higher player. Played dungeon level was around 32.

Imagine that you were level 9 and after finishing the dungeon, your party member who started as Level 0 and you both became the same level 13. And wondering how this XP acquisition for each players is calculated.

Additionally, we had two players level 20 and when they finished the dungeons their acquired XP differs more than 8 times. Only difference with these players was tier of Pocket watch. The lower tier gets more XP.

My previous understanding was if the dungeon level is higher than your level then you will have more penalty. But after the latest update, I read XP acquisition will be more generous compared to before.

In this sense, we should party with people considering not only level but also the tier of pocket watch.

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