Add a summary of all players loots

Hi there,

I believe that a lot of people complain or show their unhappiness about the drop rate because they have no visibility of what is happening and who gets what.
I do not want to have information about HOW to get NFTs as people will just focus on that information only and ignore the rest of the game.
However, I believe that devs should add a place (maybe a discord bot) that will report whenever someone dropped an NFT. A live bot that tells everyone who got loots and which loot.

The bot could be as simple as displaying the following:
‘{Player X}’ has dropped ‘{Rarity}’ NFT named ‘{Item Name}’

This would help all the FUD happening in the general chat about drop rate saying ‘there is no drop’, a fake ‘my last drop was 5 days ago’, ‘there is no legendary dropping’, ‘how many mystery box remaining’.
The bot would not provide any information that would hurt the game but create visibility.

During Jade or even Ruby, the drop rate is going to be SO LOW that a lot of people will complain and be frustrated.

Please consider my suggestion :slight_smile:
All the best <3


nah think about that there would be notifications every minute… not something you really want

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It wouldn’t be in the game, but outside. Just as a reference.

I agree that currently it would be too much!! but once the drop rate is back to ‘normal’ it will be great to actually see it

Simple solution that I already posted but will say again.

When an NFT drops in a group, EVERYONE should get the message that says “NFT LOOTED BY PLAYER NAME”

This way, everyone in the group knows exactly who just got an NFT. Simple solution, everyone would love that.



It can be on its own Discord #NFT_Drops channel, so you wouldn’t be notified if you are not subscribed to it.

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