Add the referee's perspective and open the items trading marketplace

Question: The Game commentary/living streamer can’t enter the dungeon and live
Solution:add the referee watching mode(that means allow the seventh player to enter the dungeon with the team, but he can’t play, he can move freely like the mode of “you are dead”)

Question: open the items trading marketplace
Reason: Young people have plenty of time to play games, but no money; Rich people have money, but they don’t have time to update lvl. Young people provide DAU,rich people provide consumption. The items trading market can solve this contradiction. Bigtime gets 5% exchange fees from their trading.

Problem you’re trying to solve
How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

I dont like the idea of a general equipment marketplace at all. The game should be fun at every stage, including the looting. I especially dislike the idea that “poor” players would be incentivized to grind for items that they can sell to “rich” players - the gameplay should not feel grindy at all at any stage and having fun should be the priority.

no rich players ,the game will die

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