Adding exit door to Utility Rooms

First, I’d like to say that I understand and agree with switching from the previous socket system to what you’re doing now. I definitely had a spreadsheet and was doing “socket math” :smiley:

The growing concern I see in the community is losing an exit when wanting to connect another space. As a player, I would like to use all of my exits for utility rooms without having to sacrafice.

To remedy this loss of an exit I propose there be an exit attached to utility rooms. These utility room exits will only be able to attach to other space entrances. This prevents utility rooms from being attached to another.

This change means every exit of every space can be utilized for utility rooms.

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It is a problem that I also saw, we need to occupy a door to connect the space, but what if we want to connect more spaces?
Using two doors for connection is too much, especially for players who have many small spaces.

I like your idea a lot, it would greatly expand the possibilities of connection. Another option is that each space only has one exit, but does not occupy a door.

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True, a specific door in space used for space connection would be nice too