After reset, points (both Skill & Stats) are missing

I’m at level 15 but when I reset, I get only 14 Skill points & 28 Stats points (It seems that the system are treating me at level 14 but skills that require level 15 are indeed enabled)

All instances & servers

It happens around 4:45 AM Aug 13th 2022 GMT+8 (SGT)


This is the first time I encounter:


To be sure that I didn’t accidentally removed a gear that contain some Skill points, I add 3 points to a gear then removed it from the watch before the reset (ref:
This time, after reset, I get 11 Skill points (= 14 - 3) but still 28 Stats points.

This is a proof that the the gear(s) affect only Skill points, not the Stats points
=> It must still return me 30 points for my pocket watch at level 15.

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I’ve seen this before but not with reskilling. I’ve permanently died while lvling up… did u fall off a bridge or into the green soup while lvling up once?

Thank you for the heads up! I got it logged!