An issues and a bug

lv40 TW entered dungeon with a random team
now can’t even kill the tiniest ones (lv45) with maxed whirlwind
i was killed by lv45 mini mobs with single slap
when revived, and encountered 3 mini mobs around lv45, got killed when unstoppable shot was on.
the mini mobs are over-powered, whirlwind and unstoppable shot are over-nerved

got killed in dungeon
was revived by a teammate
pressed ENTER to open chat window typed “ty” to show appreciation to the life saving teammate
pressed ENTER again to close the chat window
character was frozen, can not move no more
was inevitably killed by mobs again
when revived again by teammate, character still frozen
other teammate suggested a workaround, press G to give up and use a revive shrine instead, unfortunately there were no more shrine left in the dungeon