Ancient monitor does not drop nft

Many players comment that the ancient monitor is not giving nft, when we find it in the dungeon we ignore it and kill other boses. I’m not sure about this, but I haven’t seen nfts drop from these enemies either.

All servers

From a week ago until now

Could you check the drop of this enemy?



thankyou for the feedback :smiley:

Lol toilet papers
I havent seen an nft from them too

Hey! Thank you, but NFT’s are just an RNG chance! :slight_smile:

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Well they do drop. Just saw one drop a Galahad Blade(uncommon)

They drop. Just not the pretty purple ones :wink:

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Thanks to those who have responded! Could the thread be deleted or archived so as not to litter the forum? a greeting.

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no it doesnt… it was a mission reward… guys stop saying things when you have no idea what is going on monitors don’t drop nfts

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sure they do, for 2 days in silver :smiley:

they also dropped for 1 or was it 2 days in gold. Seems like the system is totally broken, now its the PIRATES who are not dropping nfts :slight_smile:

I’ve played close to 100 hrs of gameplay since the latest patch and haven’t seen a single nft drop from an ancient monitor

They do i saw for my own eyes 2 times. It was like the 3rd or 4th mob it was a green but yes they dont drop high rarities as what ive seen so far

No they dont… do you have video proof?? Outside of the first 2 hours of the patch they don’t drop… we have killed thousands… stop spreading things that arent true

I dont bc i dont record anything and i dont screenshot if the nfts doesnt go to me. But why would i lie?

i dont think it is you trying to lie i think it is not paying attention to what is going one… we have been in about 20 different dungeons where people were like seee they drop and we replay the footage and they are mission completions not the monitor

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