Any helpful tips and tricks for beginners?

What do you players think could be any helpful tips and tricks for beginners? When entering the game for the first time. I already saw a player saying bad thing to Ruby player in the game.

We really need new players to build Big Time Economy. But I saw a player already hate the new comers.

  • Need tutorial stage alike other MMO games or make tutorial stage gates which wont close forever.
  • Make beginner walk-through guide somewhere.
  • Show Tip or walk-through guide at loading screen.

Bring any ideas and make new players experience better. That’s also help us to reduce teaching time.

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Excellent ideas @Shun

Making the game easier for new players is already in the works. Ideally there will be a new player quest available right when they spawn into the world that walks noobies through the game step by step. We are hoping this will be available when the lore questing system is implemented down the road. I like where your head is at thinking about the new players, it is important and this will be addressed in time.



Reading my mind? I’ve been working on a new player guide + expanding on or updating our wiki.

I should have the update in soon, maybe even this weekend.


Sneak peek.


Might be good that put the wiki link on the title screen of the game. Also put the title like for beginners guide.