Are there any ideas to make Missions and the Game play FUN!

The game is getting better than previous patch.

Maybe still not the time to make better missions.
How ever thinking other game like “Monster Hunter”.

The Game style is repeat almost same missions in same field. But Monster Hunter is much more fun than Big Time.

My guild members said… Why Monster Hunter is Fun because…….

1: There is Solo play.
2: Each Game play doesn’t take long time.
3: There are many special Bosses.

4: There is a purpose to repeat playing same mission. That is materials to make players equipment stronger and better looking.

1~3 could be solve after official launch.

But “4”…need to be add such thing to Big Time. And that is the most important thing that make players keep playing the game even after storyline finished.

F2P needs players who keep playing and invite friends to play with. Otherwise F2P game die easily.

Right now Only player be kept playing for NFTs. In the future there will be Token too. However, that’s not enough to make people continue playing the game.

I think Big Time also need the feature which is collecting materials from Specific Enemies and Craft better and stronger equipment without Space and Utility NFTs. Because if those needed it will be kind of pay to win.

Also outfit a bit different after craft like some particle or aura.

I know There is Cosmetic NFTs, so its ok to not change the outfit significantly and Cool. But just need a bit different graphic for a little satisfaction.

If there is such feature in BT. Players can make the purpose themselves to keep playing the game.

So Big Time needs such feature below.

  • Defeat Specific Enemies or Bosses drop specific materials.
  • Using the materials make equipment increase stats by Crafting with out NFTs.
  • After craft the equipment, it will be a bit different Outlook like spark, aura or color.

What I wanted to say that want to make players having purpose themselves to keep playing the game. If only NFTs and Token are the purpose of the game when Bear market come almost of players gone like NOW.

If you have any Ideas to make better missions, post them here to suggest ideas to the DEVs.

Thank you for reading.


Also there is other idea in this topic too.

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Hello Shun! Thank you for being an active member in the forums and sharing your feedback.
I can assure you that the Big Time team has making players having a purpose to play the game in mind all the time, even though for some people that may be hard to see now while being in this alpha state of the game.

I will share your suggestion regarding materials and making stronger equipment with the team :slight_smile:


I have a couple of ideas.

Water-based enemies
Why not have enemies that appear exclusively in bodies of water, such as crocodiles, hippopotamus, octopus, or mythical beasts such as kraken or giant serpents?

Interactive mushrooms
The mushrooms in the forest dungeons should be interactive; there should be several different mushroom types that have different effects on the player when they “pick” the mushroom. For instance, there could be a specific mushroom type that makes the player invincible for a short period of time, and/or gives them a crazy speed increase or power increase. There could be another “bad” mushroom type that makes the player hallucinate, making everything look blurry for a short period of time. There could be a mushroom type that shrinks you into a miniature version of yourself for a brief period of time, just for comedic effect.

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Funny cosmetics might make the game fun too.

In the future I wanna see cosmetic NFTs which something related with enemies such as this pic below.

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