Are there ways to solve P2W? There is already RMT of Pocket Watch

I saw some people selling Pocket Watches by RMT in BigTime.

The game supposed to be not P2W game but some people break the rule, so the game is P2W now.

I know there are always such things.
I thought NFT solve such problems, but didn’t.

I afraid that someone might start hacking other people’s pocket watch and items for RMT.

Are there ways to solve RMT of Pocket watch?

Need to solve the problem before Official launch!

Hey Shun I understand your concerns and I appreciate you bringing this topic up.
As for real world trade of Pocket watches If I am not mistaken Big Time does not allow this and it
is a reportable offence.
So I would suggest Letting @Buck know about who it was that you saw selling the pocket watches and it should get taken care of because that is not ok and from what I heard selling pocket watches Real world trade (RWT) is against the rules. Hopefully Buck can give us some more clarification about that.

As for adding a market in game for trading pocket watches and armor and weapons this is a must for any massive multiplayer RPG so I would hope the Big Time team considers adding a market place for in game items you can buy using gold in game or tokens in game but if you use tokens the argument of P2W starts on if it is P2W to use tokens.

Keep in mind every game and I do mean every game has (RWT) its just something thats ingrained in to video games when someone works really hard to get something there will always be someone who would rather pay real cash then put the work in. I believe adding a market in game would reduce the need for (RWT) that some players feel the need to do because they might not have as much time as others to play the game so they want better gear faster if (RWT) is the only other option beside putting 8-12 hours into the game to get a chance at a piece of gear that might have the right stats for you it gets frustrating. A market place you can look for specific gear with filters for certain stats for all players where you can purchase gear upgrades for gold from other players gives the players who don’t want to put the time in or might not have the ability to put that much time in for the perfect gear/pocket watch a chance to purchase what they are looking for. Giving an over all higher satisfaction to the game and progression of a character you could also go as far as adding a tax to the market so it reduces the amount of gold in game.
There are lots of ways to reduce (RWT) But clear rules and clear punishments for doing so would be a good start.


Big Time should add a player marketplace using tokens. Before you start crying about “pay to win”, remember you would be able to EARN tokens by selling items, so you don’t have to buy them. Also remember the money goes to the players. This is a big difference from any other pay to win game where the money goes to the publisher and not the players. People forget this.

Without a player marketplace, only way to earn tokens would be to buy space and to buy a time warden. That sounds like more “pay to win” than having a player marketplace where you can earn them for free. It’s in the players best interest to add a marketplace using tokens so that the token has value. What is the point of a play and earn game if the token does not have any value.

If there was a player marketplace using the token, I don’t think anyone would ever log out. How sticky would it be running a dungeon, getting an epic necklace and selling it on the marketplace for tokens. Super sticky.

NFTs will be very rare, and the tokens we earn while playing using space and time warden won’t matter if they have no value. If we want to actually earn a good amount of money when playing this game, we need a player marketplace using tokens.

If tokens are just used to upgrade cosmetics, there are many ways this can go wrong. For example, we don’t even know what rarity cosmetics are that people are wearing… will this be changed? Maybe… but maybe not. People may be fine with an uncommon cosmetic that looks cool and not need to upgrade it to exalted if no one can instantly recognize the difference.


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