Artifact Drops are bugged.....?

Artifacts not dropping,
From numerous hours of playtime between my group of 6 players (180hrs) from launch we’ve seen 1 artifact piece go to a team mate. Feels like they should be dropping more often considering the number needed to trade in

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We’ve been playing in most servers except for SA

Yes agreed. I think they may have been cautious with the drop rates of these to be sure they did not drop too often. Because you need 10 of them to get the chance to get one NFT, they should certainly drop a good amount more than full NFTs.

Has anyone confirmed if there is a special sound that plays with the loot message across all players screens like they added to NFT drops? (Idea here is we get to hear these awesome sounds and see these messages more often)

To increase the drop of these they could also decrease the chance it gives you an NFT. Balancing here for sure needed but it’s sensitive because they are rewarding NFTs!


Yes I agree Blazo, very tough area to determine the drop rate of an item you can use to potentially get an NFT.

I haven’t confirmed either, just know from screenshots that they changed the NFT banner to “NFT ARTIFACT LOOTED” for cosmetic NFT’s, would be nice to see a clip for an artifact being looted.

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They are dropping! However, because they are auto looted rather than dropped on the ground (also nondroppable from bags) you want to keep one slot in your bags open at all times.

This is being looked into.


I got the “NFT Artifact Looted” banner and assumed I got an Artifact. I could not find it so I figured it was bugged or I just saw it wrong or everyone sees the banner…? A day or 2 later I realize I got an NFT, not an Artifact. Rare equipment. It was a confusing thing, but a nice surprise!

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Gotcha, Artifact Fragments show up in your inventory with a purple backdrop and an image the same shape as the icons floating over the artifact vendors.

Ahhh okay! So it’s possible myself and my team have been loosing artifact pieces when we have been finishing up dungeons with full bags…. :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

Can yourself/devs do a courtesy post on discord about this issue so people are fully aware of the issue? :grin:

I have already and will continue to post PSAs about it.

artifacts are dropping but after I got 3 they then just float way.