Attack combo keeps active while running

when I attack halfway through the weapon combo and stop, my weapon combo often stays active and I can’t jump or revive a teammate, I have to attack 1 more time (1 left click) or doge and then the weapon combo resets… (the attack combo stays active but resets when you start attacking again…it doesn’t pick up where it left off) (I have a video but can’t upload it because it says I’m a newbie

it happens on every server - but only in the dungeons

when playing in a dungeon - in the free world I’ve never had it and it happens spontaneously

i have this bugg since the jade pass and i tried to find when it happened but its totally random… it happens regularly in every dungeon i experience it again :stuck_out_tongue:
my MOUSE - Razer Naga Pro
(the first few days that jadepass was active I played with another mouse GLORIOUS MODEL D and then I didn’t have that problem - I bought a new RAZER NAGA PRO for all skills and uninstalled my old mouse drivers)
I also tried to fix the game a few times…

I hope you have enough info :slight_smile:

i cant edit my post anymore so i will add a reply
i made yesterday 2 videos that i uploaded on youtube so the admin/devs can see what i try to explain…(i will delete the videos when the bugg is fixed)its a daily bugg for me and i see her in every dungeon showing up and when i play solo its showing up even more :stuck_out_tongue:
(( if the weapon combo is active and i run straight and dont move my mouse i will turn 180degrees while running most of the times you can see that in the first VIDEO named Bigtime ) and i cant jump or (walk off a rock VIDEO named bigtime2 at the end) or revive someone :stuck_out_tongue:

for me its not really annoying anymore and im pretty used to it now…so if there is a way that i can help the devs/admin with then that would be great… maybe a keyreader and recording so the devs knows exactly what i am doing :stuck_out_tongue: ( maybe something with pressing to much with my mouse??)