Attitude Reset Starting Today

As most of you know I have spent a ton of time in thhis community. You can ask the team but i think i have something around 500-600 hours in game and probably just as many hours in discord.

I spent some time last night and this morning re-working my logic around if I thought BT had the ability to succeed in the space, and that lead me here.

I believe for the game to succeed we will need a strong organized and empathetic community foundation. This will be essential to allowing BT team to launching this game onto the web2 community at large. As a community we will need to help onboard web3 foreign individuals at mass and make this environment friendly and welcoming.

So then… why are we talking about this in the forum. I just wanted to publicly make a statement regarding how I have interacted in the space and how I will continue to interact in the space.

  1. Moving forward i will limit my negative interactions in the space. I will work hard on making sure i leave each engagement in a positive manner. If you feel i am not, DM me and we can discuss.

  2. To the BT, I am hard on you but it is because i believe this product has legs. I will work on being a little easier on you. This doesnt mean I will stop calling you out, but i will do so in a more productive manner.

  3. I will not stop calling bullcrap … bullcrap. If you try to tell me that warcraft didnt make it big until after huge trailers… ill still bend you over my lap and beat your bottom to walk you through history until you repent of your reworking of history to try to win a battle in an argument that you wont win.

TLDR: Will be more positive moving forward because i believe the team has a product that has legs and we need to support them


100% on point, happy to see the change of attitude!
Lets make BigTime big!!!

Thanks, you spanked my forum thread about the huge mistake the team made with the Mystery Box “bonus items” and you missed the point of my thread. I was not trying to say we shouldn’t be able to sell our NFTs and no I am not part of the world economic forum. I was simply saying they need to learn from that mistake. Added more confusion and support issues than was needed. Most people don’t like buying and selling NFTs that they literally have zero details about.

I understand where you were coming from, I certainly did not mean to say we should not be able to sell our NFTs! I just meant the team messed that “bonus item” that was intended to only be a good thing for everyone up and caused more confusion and problems than they intended and they should learn from it so they don’t do it again down the road when the stakes are higher.

Love the change to positivity while maintaining ability to call people out when needed!


Blazo tbh i still disagree with the sentiment of the argument. I think we would have more constructive convo in person or via VC.

Lets raid sometime.

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Disagree is fine, I don’t expect or even want people to always agree with me. I am wrong sometimes and love to hash out thoughts and ideas in a constructive way.

Just real quick, you don’t think they messed up the Mystery Box thing? That was my sentiment. Learn now and don’t repeat when stakes are higher.

And yes, let’s group sometime!


The issue with the box is it was extra. The problem was they wanted a loot rate that didnt happen due to quick implementation. And the larger issue was communication.

IDK if that really answers your question

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tbh bro I understand and respect how transparent you are with your assessment and opinion on the game. More respect to you now for trying to improve your approach and attitude. I always read you topics and its wonderful to see your dedication!

Yeah, I agree. We agree =)