Attributes in relation to Tier and Rarity

So i’ve collected some data on some items and what i’ve seen is attributes provided by names such as Energy,Brute,Swiftness,Fleet,Spry and etc that Tier and Rarity has no effect on those items away from the fact that say a uncommon items has at least 2 Roll on whatever attribute and a rare has a minimum of 3 and so on. I think that rarity can keep its purpose but tier should maybe scale it or at least increase the odds of a higher Roll. I think that chest, Shoulders, Gloves and legs should have the potential to have an intellect stat.

If curious about the data you can DM me on discord
JisooIsbaee#0664 I made a spreadsheet on google sheets to maintain the data and these are just some of the conclusions ive found.
Ty for reading this regardless of the outcome!

P.S. Still working on the spreadsheet will release some of my averages on stats on what’s best for each attribute hopefully soon.

I agree tier should effect the roles or the max roles. I think it’s silly for a Common Belt to have +70 Move Speed. It’s too easy to max out stats like cool down reduction with uncommon low tier gear.

This takes away from the fun of getting higher Tier Gear!


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Also just learned that 5 of the Max Hp stats don’t showcase the range properly aka dont have a (20-60) range.
These are Jackal,Fox,Wolf,Tiger and Mammoth.

I’m really interested In this spread sheet if u can link me it -⎝⧹🆂🅽🅴🅰🅺🆈⧸⎠-#1294

I tried to add your discord and it did not work good on you for keeping this data and I agree 100% with blazo and you.