Auction earn just Watch this

friends, would like you to have an auction in the game gear and pockets, it would be cool, we can earn not only on nft and tokens, but also on game items. because if someone finds something good in the game, they won’t give you for free, they’ll start sell on sites or in discords, why is it necessary if it can be done in the game, developers will be able to earn on commission


Love this idea to keep things inside the game and avoid people to be scammed outside in weird websites or random DMs. No idea about what currency should be used on buying these items: Gold? $TIME token? Both? :thinking:

Hope to see the Auction House someday. I spent a loooot of time selling and buying stuff in WoW, it was so fun!


Attaching any real money to stat based items would create a pay to win economy which the BT team is staunchly against, and I agree with.

However, an in-game Auction House for stat based items is 100% needed and I hope implemented for general launch. Except it would transact with in-game Gold instead of crypto/cash. Look at WoW’s auction house for example, I see this as pretty much mandatory for any MMO.

Right now we are trading items via Venbots but its clunky. The game is setting the sale/buy price of stat based items now but that doesnt really make sense, it should be a player driven economy. If Big Time is taking this model with NFTs, Idk why they wouldn’t do it for stat based items, which really are much more important to the actually gameplay.

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So in any case, people will trade pockets and gear on sites and in discords, why is this necessary if it can be done in the game and the developers will earn on commission

Black market economies will always exist in games, but there are ways to discourage that or make it more difficult to do so.

If the developers made it available in-game, that is promoting it, it would increase the amount of cash based stat gear transactions dramatically, and effectively create a pay-to-win economy. The devs are already making a profit on the NFT sale fees, which should be sufficient.

I think its important that Big Time maintains their Free to Play, Non-Pay-To-Win stance. MMOs are plagued with microtransactions and BT already has an uphill battle getting Web2 players accustomed to NFTs. Being Non-Pay-To-Win will help set this game apart from other MMOs, and be more attractive to the Web2 player base, especially in a bear market. Look at the recent Diablo Immortal launch and how much of a disaster it is with all the pay-to-win mechanics. Big Time needs to show that they are taking the opposite approach.


Also want to add that in-game gold will inherently have value, since it could be an ingredient in the materials needed to upgrade/craft NFTs, or even if it is only used for stat-based gear specifically.

More gold = more purchasing power for better gear = ability to clear more challenging content = greater chance to earn more tokens/NFT

Because of this, in-game Gold should be sufficient value/incentive for Auction House transactions in-game, no need to muddy the waters with crypto/cash. Players who find powerful stat based items can still throw it on the auction house and extract value from in by means of Gold.

Man in this game all people are for money

ou can make a purchase for a token

Currently in Early Access yes that is true. Everyone playing right now paid heavily for a Pass, so obviously we want a return and are in it for the money.

But this game will only get big if Web2 players (who dont care about money) will play it. That is the only way to achieve & sustain 1 million+ monthly active users. Big Time needs to appeal to this player base.

I can say right now, with the way this game’s economy is set up, it is certain to fail if they only attract people interested in money.

you don’t understand me, this is an nft project here in the first place they will always come in for money if you want an in-game auction, then you better play the game you wrote about above

the most ideal option is for pockets and gear to be bought for the $TIME token


Sorry but this is not an “NFT project”. Note there is no white paper.

Big Time is a video game that happens to have NFT functionality in it. I think you are misunderstanding the purpose of this game. Big Time is actually pretty fun to play, players can get inherent enjoyment out of just playing it. Now obviously there’s a lot that needs to be improved here, but its a good start.

If you think people will only play this game for the money, its fine if you hold that opinion but you should probably leave now because it is virtually impossible for this game to succeed with a “play for the money” model.

the game will be free even if people will ban people will create many accounts and sell from them, man, understand this will simplify the game if the developers receive a commission from these sales and promote the project, and not other sites that receive a commission

there will be a token that will only be sold, you can make it so that you can buy game pockets and gear for the token. Otherwise it won’t cost anything.

I like this project, I’ve been following it for a year and I would like the developers to manage to make the market stable

in any game where there is a P2W exchange system, because players buy things on the black market

It’s the same here, here the gear makes you stronger and you can give it to another player, which means it will be sold on the black market and this is the same as P2W dude

Black market economies are usually against games’ Terms of Service and can be considered cheating, which can result in getting your account banned. Even though it still happens, this dramatically discourages players from doing it. And because it happens on such a minor scale, that is NOT pay to win. Pay-To-Win is specifically when the game devs encourage this via something like an ingame market, which makes it happen on a much larger scale.

Not really worth arguing for the devs to allow trading pocket watches, gears or other stat items for the Big Time Token or cash when they have already taken a firm stance against pay-to-win. As I said before, Gold is sufficient incentive/value to use as a medium of exchange for these items over an in-game auction house.

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Player Market Place using Big Time Token would be amazing and a brilliant move for Big Time success. I would never log off. It’s not Pay to Win because you can earn the Token in the Game or through selling the items you find.

Also REMEMBER, the tokens from the player marketplace go to the PLAYERS. People forget this.



totally agree with you i love big time and I believe that the developers have a plan and they will also make good money, and not just us)