Back to Town Portal Sabotaging People

People are using back to town portals to troll people in dungeons. Some times a BTT portal is dropped mid dungeon and someone takes it, sending them back to town and out of the dungeon. Sometimes on accident, others as a troll. BTT portals should only be able to be used by the user, or they should look differently, or they should not be accessible during a dungeon. It is by habit that people take the teleport without moving their cameras up to read the top of the portal first. This is a problem.


I also think a two way portal or even a perma-portal would be good. You could have one portal that you place each gate on the map where you would like to be able to travel back and forth to, you would be able to pick them back up and move them around as you wish.

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Just use a second when portal drops, to read on top of it, pretty big letters saying back to town :slight_smile:

I agree, I have been ported to town from my group because of this. Someone gets to the boss room, a town portal drops by accident from someone in the group, you click it instantly because mobs are attacking you (no time to read the text) and bam, back to town and you miss the dungeons and possibly a killer for the group as well.

Simple solution to this is what I suggested from the start as the fix to the town portal grieving. Bring back the original town portal graphic, and remove the collision. Now no one can confuse the portals.



In addition to your suggestion, all portions should have an attribute in code “IsForDungeon”, its value for town portion should be false, and implement code logic to disable all items with IsForDungeon=false when player is inside dungeon.


No, I already covered that too.