Back to town portals inside dungeon entrance portals

The kids in the game found a new way to be annoying in the game, now they put back to town portals right infront of you, as your team is trying to enter an dungeon, and sends everyone back to town.

Damn its crazy how bored even kids can be in this game :slight_smile:


A quick fix for this would be disabling Water Town portals inside the Dungeons.

Imho, the best solution would be removing Water Town potions and switching them for a Home capsule or whatever you want to call it to be related to the lore of Big Time. This kind of changes take time but I would def love to see an improvement on this :slight_smile:

Its not inside the dungeons i mean, but outside, when you try to enter an dungeon, then you get sent back to water town instead.

Easy fix is to put the old graphic back for Town Portal and simply remove the collision on it so it canโ€™t be used to grieve anyone. Thatโ€™s how it should have been fixed from the start.


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