Backtracking in Dungeons

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— Dungeon Backtracking

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— I dont know if this a general issue or specific dungeons issue but is really annoying and doesnt make any sense to backtracking in dungeon after you made it to the boss to kill few monsters and then run all the way back to the boss. You end up running more than fighting at times. Its a chore that after a while gets super annoying which impacts FUN.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

– Remove the backtracking missions

– Make dungeons even smaller if you want to stick to backtracking

– Find a better and more fun solution to the " rush to boss " problem


You are right, it’s a really bad gameplay mechanic. I have suggested to not trigger the “Angry Mob” mission unless groups have more than 20 Angry Enemies.

However that is a temporary fix. Real fix is to add mini bosses throughout the dungeon and add artifact fragment drops to them (reduce fragment drop rate from fauna). More mini bosses you kill, the better the boss room is (more boss targets to kill and better boss room chest is). Incentivize the gameplay they desire through content, not through penalties.

If players receive the most/best rewards from clearing mobs to trigger mini bosses, they will do it!


Thats a great solution you have there. Killing elite packs along the way to add to chances for better loot from final boss or kill X amount of mobs before you are eligible to enter final room is not that bad.


what if instead of saying there are angry mobs if there are angry mobs it spawns boss room guardians that depending on the amount of mobs that were angry are more difficult? sounds way more fun

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Thanks for the feedback. So this was tweaked a bit in the patch.

Has anyone noticed a difference?

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What happens while just out of the boss room is people try to down themselves because they say you can avoid angry enemies if only 1 player is alive, meaning you don’t have to go back from the boss room. These are tactics that skippers always use, i mean some people you see them skipping the entire dungeon and teleporting everyone right at boss room. Now imagine that they have to complete angry enemies, they would have to kill 500 enemies basically lol. What happens after that? I think the boss room just opens, i always tell people to not down themselves because i make sure to clear as much as possible, so going back to kill angry enemies it’s not a problem. This suicide before the boss room, like 20% of the players does it, i can say that because it’s 100% of the lobbies there’s one person AT LEAST attempting it, it’s extremely common…
The other problematic mission is soul drain, because if you kill everyone and then soul drain comes, new enemies don’t spawn so you get fkd if you have killed too many enemies. People just tend to skip forward(meaning they avoid all npcs) to gather flowers or whatever mission there is before soul drain which is always second. I don’t remember if anything was changed in this update regarding soul drain.
There is also a syphon portal that i think it’s bugged because you can’t kill a clokie and progress forward in the mission, i’ll edit this later and tell you what exact portal it was, i screenshoted it.
If other people can add to the conversation there might be stuff i’ve overlooked, but these are the urgent things that come to mind

Honestly i didn’t notice any change, in the pirate outpost few times we have ran back 700m or something just to kill 2/3 guys. The only difference is maybe less enemies? But idk i clear every time now, so can’t really tell

If you go on the cyber pirate mission incursion/outpost, the dungeon with ice, just outside of the boss room, as you look forward at the boss room on the left, there is a spot where you can climb up, outside of the map. Just dash into it and that’s how people jump high in the air, then jump and fall and die. After having done this trick they skip angry enemies, simply they just skip the entire dungeon, do this trick and die, one guy stays alive and the boss room opens, the guy then revives them and they speedrun to get the nft, i haven’t done it myself but that’s how i understand the whole process from what the skippers have said