Backtracking to kill angry mobs unfun and time consuming

Problem you’re trying to solve
Backtracking to kill angry mobs after registering for boss room needs to be fixed.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
It’s not fun or convenient due to the fact that the maps are often very large, as well as mobs that get stuck or glitched. The angry mobs also add up whenever you get close to other enemies so it requires more than one person to go back to fix the problem.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
I understand that this is a way to prevent people from speed running but an easier way to fix this would be to add additional missions as well as having a required amount or percentage of mobs killed.


Yeah absolutely agree, it’s annoying at times to go back and kill those angry mobs. However, what we did to have one party member stay at entry room and rest hunt the mobs. Once, objective is completed then that member can summon all.

What I believe is that coordination between party members increased cause of this objective. Personally, I like to clear as many mobs for exp and this just adds icing on the cake.


The game should have a natural progression, this back and forth crap is exhausting and boring. The dungeons take way too long as it is already. I don’t think children would stick with this game very long like this. This cannot be the way this plays out in public launch, could be bad if it is. Let’s get our input in now.


Strange that we cannot edit our responses. I miss the old dungeons. The other day we did a syphon that took 3 hours, and a hive that took about 1.5 hours. That is way too long. I could see 10-20 mins would be a good range, with 20 pushing the upper limit.


You can edit by highlighting the text and then there is an “edit” option. I sometimes have to highlight the entire post for it to work. Kind of hidden for sure.

Great feedback on the dungeon size being too large, this is something I think pretty much everyone agrees on. Takes away from the casual play and I do find myself getting bored as well where I never got bored of Jade dungeons!


There are many great suggestions here to make the game more fun. This whole new backtracking is really killing the game.

Problem you are trying to solve: Prevent speed running

Solution after many patches, resets and hot fixes: Increase cooldown of TP, increase prices of potions, fix the overjumping bug with shield block, increase stats requirements to equip items, force users to use town potions and the list goes on.

Honestly, these are very “police” like implementations. 95% of the time spent in this game is running. Running here, running there… run run run… Why not call it “Run Time”. Maybe ask yourselves why do people wanna skip? maybe its boring? maybe its not challenging ? maybe its not fun? I personally just wanna end the game after spending 20 mins in a dungeon running non stop.

Suggestion : 1) Instead of making back track for 10mins of RUNNING, make the faunas spawn near the boss room, if u dont kill it in time, they grow and become a mini boss. 2) Instead of forcing people to get “data points”, why not make it about you got 1 min to kill as many to unlock xxx xp bonus. 3) Instead of making people run to specific areas of the map, why not have a waypoint, like those in diablo where you can go to different acts. 4) Instead of promoting more group play action and prevent those lazy players in party , have a end-game leader board for those with the most kills, most damage taken, most distance covered, most damage done, that kinda thing you’d see in LOL to celebrate those who contributed and with some gold reward/potion or even fragment rewards instead of it bursting it out of faunas, i mean, do u want people watching streamers to see how ridiculous “NFT” fragments coming out of these faunas?

Morale of the story is, you cannot stop people from speed running, It is inherent in every game, people love it but what you can do to “slow” them down by player incentivisation with fun and meaningful/ rewarding objectives. Devs, please look into the gameplay side of things, each patch kinda gets more frustrating with these time consuming and boring objectives.


Honestly, I don’t understand what wrong with speedrunning, also it’s not really speed running because you have to do the missions no matter what, so it’s making a grinding experience even worse because you have to kill and kill and kill and run every single time. This grinding destroys the gameplay completely.

Mission also should be different, the idea I’m guessing is to give some fun and make things different on every run, but in the end, all the missions are running and killing mobs, so if you take the missions out the gameplay would be more interesting which shouldn’t be like that. Look at destiny raids, mission are tough, need teamwork and you actually need skill to finish them, that makes the gameplay iteresting

I dunno guys…
You throwing words around like it’s thin air “the gane is dead” “killing the game” abd a bunch of other stuff…
Yes, it’s maybe boring or maybe unsatisfying to play in huge maps and go back for the “angry mobs”
to be dead honest with you, I kinda liked it the first couple of runs and for me personally… This specific mission serves a couple of goal, one of them is to prevent bots from really destroying the game (but really… Not what you describe as “dead”).

Saying that big huge maps will ruin the game?
Mmmm I have mixed feelings about that because at the end of the day, those things are just play styles and we shall not judge each other because of that.
I do feel like there’s a place for huge giant maps, just with a different kind of approach like say for example something like raids in Destiny2 something that can take a couple of hours.

I do feel like for those casual players that will play the game… Maybe they don’t have much time during the week and they’re up for doing 1 big long kind of raid with a couple of friends to have some fun. I do wanna point out that if there’s an intention for that then those maps should be something special and extraordinary.

For now… Let’s face it… This hotfix in this case was about preventing you from completely speedrunning the whole thing and actually make the adventure longer.

I agree, I just wanna quit play when need to run back 1-3 min to kill “angry enemies”. Overal game it’s to much running/deadtime

I do think most of the issues are amplified by the dungeon sizes being way too big. I have a thread about this and Ivan said it was added to be looked at, so hopefully they will return the smaller dungeon sizes and then if they want to keep these massive ones they can label them as such so we know to skip them. Here is the thread on the dungeons being too large:

I thought it only applied for Den and Outpost at the time, but it applies to all of them. Let’s wait and see if they hear us about the dungeon sizes being too large. Jade dungeon sizes were perfect. I know it’s something everyone I group with complains about for sure.

This is a great idea
"I understand that this is a way to prevent people from speed running but an easier way to fix this would be to add additional missions as well as having a required amount or percentage of mobs killed."

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Problem with % of mobs killed is that the mobs are generated as you approach them, so they don’t know the total mobs in the dungeon before you go through it. May be a work around to that, but I think this is making it hard for them to do the % of mobs thing.

…mobs could be generated when entering a dungeon, couldn’t be hard to program that just change som loops and conditions…

I agree that backtracking isn’t fun, and a number of solutions are being considered. Thanks for the feedback. I like the % of mobs killed idea :slight_smile:


All stick, no carrot…

Possible solutions:

Angry mob counter from the start. Lets you know when you have angered mobs and will be required to kill them. Basically a mission that is active for the entire dungeon from the start so you ‘know as you go’.

Design dungeons with time in mind. Say you want your dungeon to be 10-15 min, just make a time check on angry mobs, after 10 min it will never trigger. So what if people want to rush to the boss room and wait 10 min before going in. A 20-25 min dungeon has a 20 min time check etc. People get less than they would if they just speed cleared and you stop the 3 min run.

Consider why people are rushing the boss room and use that to make them want to play through. Obviously some people think they are getting better chances for NFT (or higher rarity ones), if this is true, you are in an arms race against players looking to exploit this, which is unhealthy for gameplay. If there really is zero technical reason for players to be rushing the boss room and people are doing it anyway, ignore it and focus on creating a better game. People gonna believe what they want and trying to punish everyone because some people are silly is not good.

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I came up with a simple solution for the Angry Mobs Quest…

Angry Mobs Quest: No one likes it, but we understand the reason was to prevent speed running. Problem is this quest is triggering for all groups, even when they are moving together and killing mobs as intended. I have a solution for this though. Only make them angry if we aggro more than 20% of the mobs we killed. If we killed 100 mobs to get to the boss room, 20 or less could still be aggro and it would not trigger the angry mobs mission. This could also be a static number, simple example: If angry mobs < 20 then skip angry mobs mission.


I like this idea as i don’t like the angry mobs as well just as much as everyone else. However there has to be measures set into place. +1 to Blazo for thinking this one up. Keep it up!

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