Bad Communication of Bigtime Team

Hello together,

this post is for the Bigtime team to give them feedback on their communication.

Personally, I’m very dissatisfied with how Bigtime communicates with the community. We have been waiting for concrete information regarding Spaces or Economic for months and we have received no information at all. I can understand that many things have to be tested first and that it makes no sense to publish them beforehand. But it doesn’t make any sense to give the community “soon” as an answer since months, just so people get an answer and ask not anymore. Last month the mods announced on Discord that there will be information about Space very very soon. This was more than a month ago. As a user, I feel completely fooled by such statements and only increases my anger at Bigtime. The statement very very soon made it sound like information would finally be published in the next few days. In fact, I’m so disappointed with the communication that I may not be able to play the game again because as a user I feel completely fooled with the answer of soon since months. I hope bigtime can provide the mods with better answers, as those “soon” answers will only make the community angrier. Soon you can take a few weeks as an answer, but not for whole months.

There are currently a lot of Amas taking place, which is also cool. But a lot is repeated in the Amas and that’s why you don’t feel like listening to them all. Would it be possible that after the Amas there would be a small summary of the latest or most important info in Discord in the Announcement Channel. So everyone can quickly check if they are missing something and it comes alive in the Announcement channel.

Furthermore, I think it’s time that bigtime enlightened the community. We already have several weeks delay in Rubypass. Whale dan says that the Global launch is target for Q1 2023. Please enlighten the community what this means for us. Can’t we use our spaces, timewarden, forge or armory before 2023? Will we be running around in Ruby permanently until 2023? What is the reason for the renewed delay? The community has so many questions about Bigtime because a lot of things are completely open and then I find it sad that Bigtime takes time to promote War Park than to think about its own Community and only there to clarify everything.


Some new stuff was revealed in this ama: The Multiverse Rangers x Big Time AMA Highlight - #7 by CornyDan
We were promised very very soon or 1 month for the space update,but we still dont know when is that,we just know very very soon.
I heard ruby pass will play through space ea but not inv only beta.

And thats the Big problem. You say to us user, that Space informations coming very very soon or in 1 month. Now where is the Information?! Its more than a month ago that that this was written. As a user, you’re completely feel fooled. Imagine yourself, you’ve only been hearing “soon” from your answers for months. Then someone comes up with very very soon as an answer and still nothing gets around. As a user, you have no desire to play the game if you are treated like this all the time. You as mods represent Bigtime at the forefront and cannot answer dangerous half-truths. This only makes people angrier.

I think bigtime should inform the community more openly, more transparently and more frequently (not in Amas). As already mentioned, we’ve only been getting answers soon for months. Launch was supposed to be Q2 2022, was then postponed to July 2022 in the Amas, then it should be in Q3 and now it’s Q1 2023 and I haven’t seen any official message from bigtime that enlightens us users what this means for us now. This can not be. For me, an AAA studio is not only a good game, but also the communication that is maintained with the community. Because of this I think bigtime is not an AAA studio because as a user I feel completely screwed. I find it particularly unfortunate that Bigtime always emphasizes that Bigtime is community driven and that the team is happy to take on the wishes of the community. Now we’ve all been wishing for transparency for months and yet bigtime isn’t reacting.

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nothing new was talked about in that ama… stop saying things that are fundamentally not true

I only wonder when my personal patience will end since not only there is not words about the space but also none about postcards none about three types of mystery boxes that holders of appropriate passes did not loot in their EAL phases, (will they ever get those or it was only for random holders)

Bucks existance is the only hope I did not throw absurd amount of money on a project that even when it is a free space giveaway only around 2600 people joins, are we that “early” or there is some other things going on behind the curtain? :slight_smile:


With Bigtime, you can’t take their words too literally. Take for example their early access, where it was clearly written INSANE, most or majority of the players i play with didnt get a legendary cosmetic, and here you have ruby players dropping like 2 legendaries in one dungeon. INSANE huh? And then you have 600,000 spaces, no information was release, all they tell you is that you can earn, craft and bla bla bla… next thing, you got a 3500 cap on these utilities. Those that bought the spaces must be fuming! what on earth are you going to do with space without enough utitlies? how can these utitlies be more rare than the spaces itself? And then you have the constant resets, early access holders spend so much on those passes to get ahead of the game, heck they did a reset and several more making those early investors basically leave the game, jeopardizing their nft hunts. Whats more sickening is they extend the ruby phase till next year, when we were all told that SOON we will have the game ready according to that fake timeline chart, in doing so, not considering those who PAID actual money to test this bugged up alpha and giving tens of thousands of FREE ruby pass where these players barely care about the game, with zero investment, they only have one thing in mind - dump these NFTS. And yet, they keep emphasing on getting in more players, more like getting more dumpers. And guess what, after the latest horrible reset, barely anyone got sufficient time or info to make the necessary changes to get prepared. Just look at the once busy VC’s on guilds discord… Players and investors are tired of their inability to keep their promises, they have no way to get their comments/feedback taken seriously. Like most of you, we probably share the same senitment of the current state this project is in. They clearly know the mess they are in, yet, they get Buck to frontline for them. When what everyone really needs is transparency, the truth and reality of the problems and how they are going to address it.


IS BIG TIME a SCAM? I CRYPTO NFT GAME I Part 2 - YouTube - very will put together, clearly so many misleading information from Bigtime.

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Totally agree with you, we’ve lost our money after buying the pass early on with their false propaganda, and in fact their promise is barely fulfilled, and when we need an answer, team members say “don’t dm me , busy with work” lol

Official said Drop rate is lower than Jade.

I think numbers of players more effective to the actual Drop rate. The NFT supply is limited. Even if the Drop rate is much lower than Gold phase, currently players are much more less players than before. So when decreasing active players, drop rate will be increased.

For example.
Legendary supply is 100.

Let’s say if only playing BT 100 players = drop rate could be 100%.

1000 players will be 10%

10,000 players will be 1%
The calculation is not that simple but the way of my thinking seems collect.

Drop rate is increasing just because of decreasing players. However when Time Warden is active. A lot of players will be come back.

And you might say why there is not drop! :sweat_smile: that’s supposed to be not dropping so much like now.

So this is the lucky chance to get NFTs! Why not just play get those before players come back.

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barely cant understand what your point it. its not about drop rates… its about the poor communication from bigtime. And guess what, another example of poor communication, SPACE SOCKETS aren’t important anymore! oh wait, theres going to be a utility sale! yay!


But you are talk about drop rate too😅

Anyway, unfortunately what they do haven’t change from the beginning.

Before they had said……

  • BT Token won’t be issued, only NFTs. But changed their mind.

  • There won’t be no more Space sale, but changed their mind do second one cheaper price than the market.

  • Space socket will be removed. But combining Space will be same thing.

Mystery boxes are dropped for free anyway.

But :thinking: hmm it’s not good to sell mystery box. Because it’s illegal in Japan as gambling.

A lot of people were said not good communication from the beginning but seems hasn’t changed anything yet. So maybe most easy way is change our mind. Just don’t trust the their information :joy:

Even if after release something. When the things break the balances of the game, they will change it anyway. And should be.

Web3 means not decentralized. Team can control everything. You know that even NFTs, the data is on their server. So they can easily change inside of NFT’s data if they want.

I think game development is far from transparency. Because they are in development. Thing will be changed easily. If this is normal console game, the game development might be canceled.

They can say the progress of development but even they don’t know how the system going to be. They are collecting Feedback and change the game better experience.

Normally if you invest in console game company like square-enix you will not know Final Fantasy’s specific progress and changes in the game. Investors will just wait patiently until the information unveiled.

Hope their communication will be better. However also investors should know things constantly change in the game development. If there is no feedback, they might not change anything, and release the game which is easily finish to the end and boring one.

So just don’t trust information. The things might be changed easily.