Bag system needs some LOVE

Problem you’re trying to solve

Upgrading to bigger and better bags shouldn’t feel like we are being punished

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

I feel like the stat requirements for bags is too heavy handed and comes off as a punishment for not having good enough gear with needed stats

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

  • remove stat requirements but keep a lvl requirements
  • allow people to loot bags
  • if devs don’t want it super easy to find or buy bags, lock them so you can’t vendor them

I know this isn’t WoW, but the bag system WoW has where you can carry a lot and aren’t limited with resource/potion stacks is the path I feel BT could work toward



Yeah awhile back I made a post about bags and how they should remove the scroll down menu and make all the bags into one group there is a lot of unused space in the menu that I feel like this would be a lot cleaner of a look if they used it instead of cutting it off as you can see in the this picture
also the inventory slots should be reduced in size so there is more room to display more items in the frame
All of the bags that you have equipped should display together at the top along side each other maybe next to the filter button but the placement should be easy access to all three where ever it ends up
this hole tab could be moved up and expanded so you can see everything in my bags and reduce inventory management time making it easier for the more casual gamer and an over all QoL increase In my opinion.


I also think updating the bags inventory to hold 2 or 3 more items per bag tier would be nice to have since the game heavily revolves around the loot and there is so many different types of potions in game that you might want to keep in your inventory I know I personally keep 90 speed potions and 90 teleport potions and 90 trees maybe some space for rez potions and at least one slot for shard fragments this often enough does not leave a ton of space to loot or go through items now I know I am an overkill stat but early game you feel extremely punished for using potions since you wont have much room for loot when you really need it at some starting levels.