Bags and artifact fragments

Artifact fragments, appear in the second bag even if you have fragments in the first bag


24-august, 07:40 EST

When you receive an artifact fragment, it appears directly in bag 2, if you have fragments in bag 1 (for example 5), another pile is created in bag 2 instead of increasing the stack of the main bag to 6.
I have added an image but I don’t know if it works, I leave a link to gyazo to be sure.

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Thanks for posting this, it needed to be addressed. It also needs to be addressed that we need more stacking of just 10! 10 is too low! That’s just my opinion however!

Thanks for letting us know! I got it logged!

hi, did you try to click on those ‘2’ artifact fragment and move them to those 3 artifact fragment?
it happened to me too, but i tried to stack them by myself with this way and it worked for me

I can stack them yes but they should auto stack.
The logic behind having a maximum of 10 per stack is that most players don’t know how to split that stack.
How is it divided? you drag the pack to another box while pressing the ctrl key. It seems a bit complex to me, with ctrl+click (as it is done in Word of Warcraft) it seems much simpler and more intuitive.

Greetings, thank you for your work!

yes, you’re right.
i just hold the right click on them and move them to those 3 artifact fragment for example and they stack.

*the left click.
sorry was a verbal mistake :smiley: