Balance Skills, forced into more variety for your build

We all heared of the new tweaks to the pocketwatches, but when you are somewhat skilled you will probably faceroll the higher dungeons even with a lower watch.

Problem you’re trying to solve

Facerolling dungeons/portals with only one or two spells.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

Currently i can cast my spells almost every second, so even if i miss one it doesnt really matter since they are max level with low cooldown and high damage scaling. Further, currently you are running with one or two spells (mage example) and not using any other.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

So my idea is that we get a “level”- requirement for our skills to level them up. (not “rank” like the watches)

For example i want to get my “blizzard” to max level, but i can only do that when i reach level “X”.

Because the scaling of most of the skills is insane.

With the leveling requirement you would be forced to skill something else, watch your cooldowns, get more diverse builds.

This would make the game more difficult and brings variety.

Thanks for reading, any other ideas?

I still think the right fix is to reduce damage from skills and attacks for each level over 10 that the mob is higher than you. I detailed the suggested fix here in this thread:

Summary of the post:

-Decrease player attack and skill damage by x% per level over 10 levels.
-Increase mob attack damage to players by x% per level under 10 levels.
-Add natural regeneration to mobs based on level of the mob.

That way we don’t have to add any level restrictions, your skills/attacks would simply do much less damage and be less effective to high level mobs. If the mob was 20-30+ levels over you, your damage may not be enough to overcome the natural regeneration.

Any level 15 player attempting to fight a level 40+ mob should hit for such little damage and be spanked so hard they are sent running away in fear and not want to return until they have leveled up!

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My main take is the variety tbh.

With the update you mention we will for sure need more time, and skill to clear higher dungeons, but will still be using only two spells.

Oh, I got you. Sorry about that! I do think some skills need work to make them more viable, and this would add to the variety of skills people use. Hopefully we can hone in on the skills that need work once we are through this issue of low level players running high level dungeons and skipping all the content in the middle. Thanks for the suggestion!


I don’t think skills need to be rebalanced and whatnot, players are using more skills as they progress… Some of it comes from curiosity, boredom, experimentation etc.

Imo… To tuckle the issue of lower lvl players hammering high lvl dngns, maybe just a fix of setting lvl/rank requirements for entering a dngn (it can be in gaps of idk… 10 lvls? 15? 20?).

This might A make the progression a lil bit slower in some sense, B it will make the game more streamlined for brand members and C it will resolve the issue of lower lvl players gettin good gear and PWs from high lvl dngn.

Imo tweaking the skills or difficulty of dngns will not resolve that because A ppl will find ways around that… Always, it may make the life of the hardcores a lil tougher (but just a little bit) and for new players it can provide a big difficulty and frustration (the game is already not an easy one for new players).
B it will just make the skills less fun to use… Especially after the last hotfix I’m personally don’t use time bubble anymore, I just lost interest in it same as some other chronos I talked to so I guess maybe the reason why ppl are using only 2 skills is because they’ve lost interest in the others.

What do you think about just making our skills/attacks do less damage for every level the mob is over us until our damage is so low it’s not worth fighting them?

Then I’ll find ways around that like kitting, using morr trees, tanking and dodging etc…

The question is why not go the route of setting lvl/rank requirements or gap for entering portals?

To me it really feels like it will make the skills less fun to use and juat add layers of complexity and overwhelm for new players

Well… Mmmm maybe not reduce the dmg per say but reduce extremely the accuracy, so it’s not like your skills becoming weak suddenly, you just miss everything because you’re trying to outsmart a mob 30 lvls above you.
(if you remember back in silver or jade… When you were using melee attacks on mobs higher than you- you would just miss 85% of the attacks)

I addressed that. Mobs have natural regeneration based on their level. So a level 50 mob naturally regains enough health over time so that a group of low levels can’t do enough damage to defeat it, or if they can it will take so long that it won’t be worth it.

Level 10 player would never think of attacking a level 50 mob, they would not do enough damage to overcome the natural regeneration. Group of level 30’s for example could beat them even though it would be hard, and then a group of 40’s would not even notice the natural regeneration because the damage would be normal.

I have seen this work to perfection in Everquest that’s why I know it works.

Problem is even if you miss 85% of the time, when you land you would do 250+ damage which is way too much for a level 15 to do against a level 45+ mob. Actually reducing the damage/effectiveness of the skills/attacks solves everything. Could also make them miss more, but why should a level 15 hit a level 45+ for the same amount as they did a level 15-20 mob?

Health regeneration for mobs I think it can be a great idea because low lvl players will lose interest in this case and high lvl players will enjoy the challenge because it will increase the pace to some degree

I am all for making the game easier for new players. None of what I suggested would effect low level players. They would fight mobs within 10 levels of them and take no penalty. It’s only when a low level tries fighting mobs higher than 10 levels over them that they start losing effectiveness for skills/attacks for every level over 10, up until they do so little damage they can’t overcome the mobs natural regeneration.

This natural regeneration would not be noticeable for any group of players fighting mobs within 10 levels of them, Even within 15 -20 levels they would be fine if they were skilled players. It’s when they start to over reach and fight things 20+ levels higher than them that this system shines through and makes them ineffective to where it takes so long to kill the mobs they give because it’s near impossible or not worth it (time would be better spent leveling up for example).

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We can look at this in 2 ways
1 way it make sense you’ll get a reduction in power or damage dealing as you encounter a high lvl target, it indeed make sense.

Way 2 well… Skill points… We’re not getting a bunch of them and we can’t actually get points in other ways other than just leveling up so we gotta strategies our skills in the right way for us and it might feel less enjoyable when you for example mastered a skill and then you see a huge reduction in the effectiveness of it, if you’ll see just always miss hits the barrier between you keeping and trying to get to the finish line is slim.
When you see that still tou deal damage but not so much it might feel like frustration for a tiny bit and then you’ll still keep on trying to finish it which might just add more layers of frustration by the end of a decision to go look for another dng

Let’s wait and see how the item rank requirements plays out, and then re-evaluate this.

Capping max stat rolls on items based on level/rarity and implementing diminishing returns on skills/attacks to mobs much higher level than you may still be needed to help balance the content but let’s be patient and see how rank requirements plays out first.