BEST IDEAS: List of Best Suggestions

I read every Forum Post and I put together a list of the Best Ideas for the Big Time Team. Everyone please comment below with the suggestions you like most.

-Everyone should get an NFT Looted Message when an NFT Drops. It should say “NFT Looted by PLAYER NAME!” This way everyone in the group instantly knows an NFT dropped, and everyone can see who got it. This message would make NFT drops exciting for everyone and not just the person who gets it.

-Beam of Light Radiating from Gears should be changed to small glows on the ground (like rare and epic items are currently) Give the beam of light to Rare, Epic and Legendary items. Those are much more rare than gears, and players don’t want to miss those items.

-Move Pocket Watch Delete to the Change Timeline Screen as detailed in this post: SUGGESTION: Move Watch Deletion to Timeline Manager - #5 by Blazo

-When you reset your skill points, ALL skill points should be reset and returned to you, even if they are in gears not equipped. This is a must fix issue.

-Add a friends list, and ability to invite anyone on your friends list to your group no matter where they are. Also add the ability to change party leader.

-Overhaul the look the of the Cosmetics. I’m sure this is not your priority right now as you are working on the server stuff that is much more important but it’s worth saying again. Every Cosmetic should have a unique model, there should be a glow that matches the rarity of the item, and the glow should scale up with the rarity. Bottom line is we should instantly be able to know what rarity the items are that someone is using and we should be able to tell from fairly far away. This is a must.

-Cure All Potion that removes poisons and fire that slows player movement. This can be expensive (1500+ gold) as it should be a high end potion not meant to be used every time, only when really needed.

These are the best ideas I have heard in game, from guild and in the forum. Thank you so much for your consideration, any feedback you have would be appreciated.



I don’t quite agree with the skill points though… Currently now during EAL, the opposite ia true where I’ve changed my gears and realized some of my skills are gone so I said f it and reser the points, then I realized I lost the points.
That made me realize that I need that gear back which made me waste all my money on gear wheels and gave me a reason for grind.
You learn it once though and then it kinda make sense right? You get skills that not actually yours so if you decide to drop it, the “penalty” is the skills

I mean… It sucks tha hell out when you see it but then it make sense to have some penalties on your decisions which can be quite cool + you don’t actually lose the points, you just need the gear back

Sorry, we can agree to disagree, the skill points being lost to lost skills is by far one of the number 1 things that needs to be fixed, I think 99% will agree.


i dont think so it can be usefull, what if u want to change a gear without respecing.

A good fix would be Respec equiped points or respec all points.

Very simply, when you reset your skill points, all points should be reset. It’s very clearly a bug that needs to be fixed. Let’s not over think this.


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What about the fact that you can’t use abilities while moving? You have to stop walking and stand still to use abilities and it’s annoying as hell. It’s the #1 problem with the game currently.

I posted the following comment in a different thread, so I would like to know what you think of this suggestion Blazo:

I also agree that the biomes all seem basically the same with a different paint job. They need to make biomes feel different from each other, by making each biome have its own unique enemy types and other environmental hazards, and NFTs or other items that are exclusive to certain biomes.

Yeah, I think that will come in time. New areas with unique monsters, I think for sure they are already working on that. I do like the idea that certain NFTs could be exclusive to certain biomes, like a “Frosty Axe of the Deep” could only be found in the ice biome, etc. That’s a cool idea =)


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