Bigtime Marketplace Not Working

I cannot buy items in the Bigtime marketplace. When I get to the part where it tells me to click this button to get a SMS code on my phone, the button no worky. I have tried different browsers and refreshing. Tried again and again. Also the Customer Support button does not work in the marketplace so I can’t even reach anyone to fix this problem. Also, there is no way to open a ticket on the discord server and nobody in discord responds to me. There is no way to get ahold of anyone at Bigtime to fix this crap, so frustrating.

Bigtime marketplace

every day

Send SMS code button is not working, I click on it and nothing happens, same with the customer support button at the bottom of the page, also no help on discord and no response from the team.

Hi Gator - I just verified that SMS is up and working properly (i.e. no outage). All services appear online and functional on the marketplace. Sometimes people get hung up on not realizing they need to click the “Get Code” button for the text to be sent, but it sounds like that’s the button you were clicking on with no luck.

The fact that the support link wasn’t working for you either makes me wonder if perhaps there’s something else going on. You mentioned you tried other browsers, so it’s likely not a cache thing. Do you have anything that may be preventing functionality on the site, such as using incognito/private mode?

For further support you can access our customer support who can guide you through some additional steps. Look at top of this page and you’ll see the “Support” button which will take you to the help desk.

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Thanks for responding.
Yesterday I tried to get the sms code. Every 60 seconds you can try again if the code fails. The code failed to come through to my phone. I tried again and again. Today when I woke up I had like 15 codes waiting for me on my phone. Now today the send SMS code button does not even work. Is it possible that the marketplace has locked me out? I can’t find a support thread on this topic.

Oh ok, I figured out how to send a ticket using that help desk.