Bigtime Marketplace Transparency

Hey Bigtime team,

I am curious about the “people” selling these nfts.
Unlike Opensea, you can actually see that that’s a real person selling their NFTs via their account ID. With the current bigtime market place, who’s not to say that bigtime itself is releasing more nfts into the marketplace anonymously.

I hope its not the case, but having that transparency is important for everyone in this space to be assured that the seller is coming from the actual players themselves.


Yea would be a great addition to see who is selling.

Yeah I don’t think there is any background sketch stuff going on but I do think seeing who you are purchasing an NFT from would be nice.
Maybe even expand on the profiles on the website similar to how blizzard does with WoW you can search a player on there website and you can see there profile and what characters they have and what level they are this would be a really awesome addition to the website and maybe even have a feature where you can show case your NFT’s on your profile similar to how Steam has item showcases it could be NFT showcases maybe even expand this by putting the profile system in game too.