Blacked out MAP and Additional Weapon Variety

MAP - I think the map should be blacked out until it is explored by anyone in the party just like in “Diablo II” so that players will have a hard time fast running to the boss room. It will also add a mystery to the dungeon and it will be more exciting if, at every turn in the dungeon, you won’t know what mob traps are gonna pop up or if it’s the right way or a dead end. added secret passages or rooms inside the dungeon with a sweet chest in it would be cool too.

WEAPON VARIETY - I think there should be more weapons to choose from. for example, the chronomancer, only has a staff as its weapon… maybe it should have other choices like a one-handed wand or something and a shield to pair with it. an NFT for the wand and shield would be cool too.

Let me know your thoughts… Thanks!


I really like this idea especially once they add to the mini map and the overall map. Exploring in games like big time is huge so hopefully we can get a variation of this one day.

I feel like this is already in the planning book for bigtime but still I love the idea more weapon variety is always welcomed but I think there should be more focus on making the combat with the current variants of weapons as good as it can be and then there should be shift of focus to expanding the arsenal of weapons for each class.
I love the passion your showing for the game keep it up @PsychonautBoiHustler cant wait to here any more of your suggestions or feedback!