Blurry and strange Graphic

The in Game graphic looks very blurry, like there is a film on it or something else. Idk how to say that. Sometimes the mobs will leave a residual image after them, like a following tail of their textures.

Everywhere in the world, is a graphic bug.

All the time I play.

I’m doing nothing than playing the game
Will leave an image of it

This will not change if I change the graphic quality, all the same, just the fps will drops

Hey @Herrow! Thanks for the report, I’ll get this logged in! Would you mind attaching a DxDiag? Just press Win+R, write ‘DxDiag’ in the text box and then download the .txt file. This would tell us your PC specifications. If you rather not send it through here, you can open a Costumer Support ticket and send it there.