Bring back the old sfx for chronomancer staff and can we add world bosses in the future?

Update changes
I’m not sure how everyone else feels about the update but the visual improvements don’t seem that good to me. Also the SFX improvement for chronomancer staff seems in my opinion to be worse than the original.

additional content ideas
I’m sure the team likes the idea of raids and that the team is focusing on delivering great gameplay based on the current status of big time. I was wondering if the team would be open to deliver World Bosses on Bigtime. Seeing how its about time travel and capitalizing on time. Having world events where huge bosses trying to invade other timelines would be awesome content to add to in the future. World bosses would also be a great test on how raids can work in the future.

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Regarding your 2 suggestion, I think most of us will enjoy it, but I don’t think they should implement it yet, there are some main issues that needs to be adjusted beforehand.