Broker failed to confirm join

Hi Team,

I was playing earlier but all of a sudden we were logged out and when I tried to log back in I am met with this error.

How to fix it? Thank you

Hey @4eyes982 I am sorry you are dealing with this issue currently this is a problem the Big Time team is aware of and is working hard every day to Improve/fix any issue players come across. To address your current issue if you restart the game and change your server/Instance it should fix it if you still have the problem after trying these a few times close the entire launcher. -Sneaky

I have tried all options and did not fix anything.

Strange sorry this issue is still occurring try reaching out on for customer support for the game or you can try and reach out in the official discord -Sneaky

I already did and followed the instructions you stated + some others. Did not work and still waiting on a reply for more than 3 hours now

I already did and followed the instructions “the support team provided”

May I ask, have your problem fixed yet?

It was fixed and I am able to login now. But was not informed of the actual fix done on the support’s end.

I have the same issue. I don’t know what else to do. I could not play today all day! This is VERY frustrating!