BUG: Cooldowns Getting Burned Without Cast Instead of Cancelled When Interrupted

Per title, There is a bug that has popped up in the last few patches where abilities will become consumed when interrupted without any error feedback or cast cancellation. This results in events such as full-heals being aborted and being unable to recast, and time bubbles not casting, yet burning cooldown.

Back in v0.0 and v0.1, with spells like rend, on interrupt, the spell would immediately discharge(if not cancel outright, W/O CD burn) using whatever position the AoE was hovering at the time, while regular abilities would just abort and let you retry.

The current way CDs are getting eaten is extremely frustrating when playing in a very tactical manner, as the user needs to be able to rely on their casts actually working.

I have validated this being an issue with a multitude of players. No clips of it yet, but will try to remember to snag some.

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Aha! I just caught a PERFECT example of this. I run in, fire my Time Bubble to lock the mobs, only to have the ability not cast, and my CD now be burnt, leaving me almost dead.

Video reference (Don’t mind the EEVBlog in the background :nerd_face:)

I was actually going to wright a post about this the same thing happens when u use shape charge and then dash right after canceled the ability and put in on cooldown. Canceling ability’s this way is good I actually enjoy it because I do not like getting caught in an animation and dying because of it also you can use ninja leap and jump at the last second to cancel the ninja leap and go farther if you do it right this is a unintended feature that is amazing and so much fun and every person I talk to said if they remove the cancel ninja dash jump then the game will be a lot less fun so my point is fix the ability’s like shaped charge still going on cool down and not being used if you dash right after using it while not getting rid of the ability canceling effect of the ninja leap

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(I talk to said if they removing the cancel ninja dash jump then the game will be a lot less fun) To clarify many of the shadow blades and people I know with ninja leap have practiced over and over again to perfect the unintended feature that is canceling the ninja dash at the right time to launce yourself farther this is added a lot of depth to the ability and makes it extremely fun when you get the right dash cancel and it sends u flying 300ms like I said I believe this it be an unintended feature and what a feature it is because anyone can learn to do it and its so extremely fun, helps getting around fast and one day when speed running against other guilds it will be a skill difference rather then luck so I really hope that the ninja dash cancel unintended feature never gets removed but I have a fear that If you try to fix the other ability’s going on cool down and not being actually used while dashing as in the press WW twice to dash not the ninja dash then it will effect the really cool unintended feature of ninja dash so please be carful when fixes this bug Fix the ability’s going on cool down when u use them but they don’t actually activate at all. (not the ninja leap cancel) I can provide video of both of these interaction so that it might be more clear and easy to know what I am talking about

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v0.13 seems to have exacerbated the CD burn issue.

Example video

I have not noticed it being worse yet but It still is in the game I am sure the big time team is working on it and knows they are working every day to update and Improve the game so on full release this will be sorted for sure! :smiley:

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