BUG: Hidden targets for quests

We found one last target for the wanderers quest who was hidden and impossible to kill. Maybe the target was under the ground. After trying to kill it for a while with no success by using damage area like bombs, suddenly, the target appeared in another place of the dungeon and we were able to kill it.

Just saw in Discord that another player reported something similar.

I have noticed this once before in my time in the game since gold doesnt happen often but it is an issue I didnt get to capture a screen shot but good catch with this one the Big Time team should see this thread and update/Improve on this issue soon. Thanks for the hard work and your feedback!

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I just had this issue again. Fortunately, I was streaming while it happened:

Starts at [2:36:21]:

Link here

It is not hidden targets, it is just misplaced marks :slight_smile: the wanderes are always somewhere else on the map :slight_smile:

And no Josep it has nothing to do with you bombing the misplaced mark, the wander is always somewhere else on the maps, theres just marks misplaced quite a few places often :slight_smile: i saw 5 in one dungeon the other day, and still the 5 wanderes we needed for the mission were at another location.

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Haha yep! You explain all of this in the video :stuck_out_tongue: