Bug/Issue Tracking & Transparency

Is there some kind of tracker(JIRA perhaps?) where the devs/project team discuss on weekly basis on which bug/issue to fix? It would be great if 1)there is selected people across different guilds/communities(that actually play the game a lot) gathered around(with at least someone from BigTime) to discuss about these issues from a player perspective and 2)rate the priority of EACH bug, compile it in a tracker or something(probably excel) and then let Bigtime Devs work on it?

Maybe this is already on-going but as a player we all wish to see progress and transparency.

Personal Bug Experience so far:

  1. Account Wiped (already known issue since GOLD)
  2. Broker Failed to confirm join (First encounter during Silver for 1.5h, now its going to be 12h at time of writing)
  3. Back to town portal fail (fixed, thanks!)
  4. Other tiny bugs…
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UN fortunately not, they are holding their “cards” very close to themself for some reason. Its very hard to get any news on the game right now. I think they want everything to be a surprise for when game fully launch.