Bug or odd feature: encrypted items can be equiped, is this by design?

see picture, i right clicked on an encrypted pocket watch gear, it was equipped! Is this by design? If not then it is a bug please fix it, otherwise it is a logically flawed design.
Screenshot 2022-06-11 073125

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Sneaky, did it give you stats or was just allowed to be equipped? Just curious.


i have an encrypted time bubble gear on my chrono and it gave be the ability so yea it works

too add to it, the way i found the bug was trying to decrypt the gear i right clicked on it while in the decrypter vendoroid and it equipped it instead of putting it into the decrypt slot.

interesting good catch @autumnwind hopefully the Big Time team will see this and address this bug now that you posted it here keep up the good work bug hunting. :smiley: -Sneaky

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